75 A New Adventure 4

So while Zhang Yi cultivated, Lusserina and Saphielle talked and became friends, Saphielle was very pure and was very happy to have another friend, she did not care that Lusserina was a dark elf.

But Lusserina was not so simple, in fact, the biggest reason she did not like Saphielle was not that Saphielle was the princess of the forest elves, but because she was very jealous of Zhang Yi.

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As the months went by, she had even more rage at Saphielle because Lusserina could no longer be alone with Zhang Yi to be intimate with him, but then she realized that Saphielle did not like Zhang Yi like her and so she calmed down.

But when she saw that Zhang Yi stopped because she could have a breakthrough in cultivation left Lusserina a little more frightened, after all, Zhang Yi was already so strong and was still getting stronger so Lusserina began to think that maybe the prophecy of the oracle could be more complicated of what she thought.

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