4 A Long and Cruel War 3

Still, he decided to follow Zhang Yi and see how his path would be, after all, he still had to stay on earth many years to temper his martial heart, he could see what life would be like for talent without the opportunities he had.

He was sure that with Zhang Yi's talent if he were born into a family like his in the divine realm they would spend everything they had to allow him to heal, and any disease that seems incurable to mortals would vanish within a week with the methods of cultivators, is that he was a cultivator of qi, if he were someone who cultivated mental energy he could heal Zhang Yi now.

So the blue specialist continued to watch Zhang Yi, so he saw how well he fought with swords and spears, even though he had a mental deficiency the expert thought Zhang Yi had a good head, the fact that he had enough strength but did not seek a promotion was an example of this, he knew he had to stay as far as possible from the emperor to protect his family.

Zhang Yi had enough strength now to kill the emperor, but after he did so his family would be persecuted and he did not want to live running away with his family.

So Zhang Yi had been watching Zhang Yi for five years, by now he could see the effects of his body refinement using blood qi, his killing aura was rising as well, but Zhang Yi has already learned to control this to only go out when he was in battle.

With Zhang Yi making a major impact in the south, the barbarians lost some land and decided to stop attacking, and just as a great soldier who was the country wanted Zhang Yi to fight somewhere else, he refused, although emperor to have much power, because of his errors his authority had already fallen enough in the south.

Adding to the fact that Zhang Yi had already completed compulsory military service and had more power than an ordinary general, no one dared to send him elsewhere, so they had to pass the order.

The emperor was very unhappy with this more from the reports of the soldiers he realized that he could not force that soldier wherever he wanted, mainly because he knew that this soldier was a survivor of the operation that he allowed it to happen.

Of course the emperor never thought that he was the son of Zhang Feng, after all Zhang Yi was very thin and was known to have mental deficiency, the emperor had never expected that he was still alive, he had also forgotten his rancor with Zhang Feng, because he killed his son and Zhang Feng had only offended his.

So Zhang Yi continued in the south fighting in some battles that happened, of course, he did not want to go elsewhere, now that he had already left the radar of the emperor because he would want to return.

So another 5 years passed and the expert had been observing Zhang Yi for ten years, and after that time he was convinced that he was a talent born to practice body refinement techniques, because his technique was well advanced, of course, it would take decades for him to complete if he continued like this.

More the expert began to realize that Zhang Yi was already aging and that he would not be able to complete before dying for age, just as the specialist did not want to see Zhang Yi die he decided to pass on a body-level refinement technique of peak mortal level, so he waited for Zhang Yi to sleep and sent the technique straight to his consciousness along with some perceived shortcuts perceived by him.

When Zhang Yi woke up, he soon thought of the technique he had learned without knowing how, but as he was not very smart, did not think much, he only knew that his body trembled when he thought of this technique and his instincts that were sharpened by all these years of battle and danger, were telling Zhang Yi to use this technique, so he soon began to study the verses of techniques and how to train.

Although Zhang Yi was not intelligent the technique had already been simplified to the utmost by the expert and he still had several tips for it, and although it took him a long time to learn because of his low perception as soon as he learned his body began to work at the pace of technique alone and to the maximum.

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This was the talent that the expert said Zhang Yi had, this technique he passed on to him was the highest-level technique of his sect, although he meant deadly spike, that was how the technique was done, each level of technique increased a level of difficulty, the end being divine degree peak.

Only one of the first leaders of the sect had studied this technique to the fullest and he was known as immortal, if he had not sacrificed himself to destroy the enemies of his sect, it was for him to be alive to this day.

Of course, he did not expect Zhang Yi to study to the fullest, he just wanted to see how far he could go.

So it took only 2 years for Zhang Yi to master the whole technique and cultivate it, this was very fast even in the eyes of this expert, after all, Zhang Yi was already 30 years old he passed the best age to cultivate, in addition his perception was very low, so he trained only with the talent of his body, he also had no cultivation to help even the spiritual energy in the atmosphere.

He did not even use any medicine to aid the training and yet he trained at the same speed as a genius of his cult with all sorts of help.

As soon as he saw Zhang Yi sleep he approached and passed on the next level of technique, the body-level core refinement technique, and then came out to observe.

So Zhang Yi woke up and was very happy to see a new technique, he felt very well with his body, it was like before he was wearing tight clothes now the clothes had become looser, the more he was tight, so he wanted to train more.

So five years later Zhang Yi had completed that level too, the expert was now shocked to see this, each level of technique is very difficult to pass, and by the age of Zhang Yi he should have already reached the limit of his potential even more so was able to master this technique and without using any help just the body itself, now the expert had to admit that he had underestimated the ability of Zhang Yi, he was simply a talent of divine level, he would be an emperor in any land even without his perception .

So Zhang Yi received the next stage of the technique and took 20 years this time to dominate and for the next 60 years, so the expert realized that Zhang Yi would not live enough to master the next level, after all only the cultivation of the body of the very few years of life for someone.

And Zhang Yi as he was now would live to be 200 years, and now he was over 100 years old, so the expert passed a cultivation technique to Zhang Yi and threw some higher level spiritual stones on the ground, that would be enough for Zhang Yi cultivate to the next level.

As his perception was low and his age was too high Zhang Yi took to start cultivating, more as the first realm of cultivation was body refinement and Zhang Yi already had a trained body it took only 10 years to move to the next realm now his life would reach 250 years was still not enough and he continued to cultivate.

After 50 years he came to the next Realm and could already live to the 300, so he continued while he grew he broke the realm 5 in body refinement and was now in the 6.

And he had already passed 200 years of life, so he continued cultivating and after cultivating 90 years he went to the 4 realm of cultivation, now he could live to 420 years and continued to cultivate, after 150 years he reached 5 realms of cultivation and could live up to 600 now, in addition, he was very close to the next stage of seventh body cultivation, plus the expert had already realized that Zhang Yi reached the limit of cultivation advance in this land without spiritual energy, despite to have how to use spiritual energy from the stones, this world did not have Dao laws strong enough to continue allowing his advances, and he also had to return to his sect he was thinking of letting Zhang Yi go to a world with sufficient spiritual energy and to hope that he would be lucky to go up one day to the divine plan and meet him.

As soon as he was flying and introducing himself to Zhang Yi he felt a powerful fluctuation of energy nearby, he was a powerful expert, so he stayed on guard because he did not know who was coming.

Soon the horizon deformed for the second time in 500 years and a beautiful woman who also seemed to be middle age appeared clear that the expert was not impressed with this, he met many women who were tens of thousands of years old and had a youthful appearance.

Soon the first person she looked at was not for the blue specialist more yes Zhang Yi.

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