3 A Long and Cruel War 2

Zhang Yi fled the village, plus he did not know where else to go, he had noticed by the wrong information that he was betrayed, so he could not go back to the now empty base.

Zhang Yi had already prepared for the case that one day he had nowhere to run, he had found a cave near a river twenty kilometers from his old camp.

He had put there all the bag and all the dry rations he had taken from the barbarians he had killed, and when he had time he would leave them in that cave, there would be his hiding place, so he remembered the map, as his battalion and the other north had been destroyed, this area would soon be taken by the barbarians, and after a few months a new troop would probably come from their army to retake the area they had lost because they were on the southern border which was a very important defense of China.

So he just had to put up with it for a few months and then go to the new base, that ration he had accumulated over the years would last close to 3 months for him, plus he could fish while his enemies did not come like that Zhang Yi was safe who was going to survive.

And so it was, he stayed in his cave for 6 months and whenever he could make around to get information, and it seemed that his allied troops were coming to a land reclamation battle.

It would be about 100,000 soldiers on either side, with cavalry, archers, and generals in charge, it would be a complete war, and this would also be the chance for Zhang Yi to avenge his former battalion, so he took his spear and prepared himself, he decided that was going to attack alone on the right side of the barbarian field which is where his cave was where he was confident he could face several barbarians at once, up to 20 would not be a problem for him, before he was restraining himself to not draw attention now he does not needed more.

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So when the fight started Zhang Yi was around watching the right moment to enter, after a while the barbarian general took some men from where Zhang Yi was to support the middle that was being suppressed more, as soon as they left, he saw that was his chance and took two spears and buried the backs of two barbarians, he recovered his and left the other there.

So with a spear in both hands Zhang Yi attacked like a ferocious animal with anger to avenge his friends, his companions soon realized that he was an ally and they were helping him too, so the strategy of Zhang Yi worked well and before long they had exterminated the right side of the enemy army.

Now the Chinese side won the advantage, Zhang Yi soon passed his side of the army and began to attack the medium that had been reinforced, more with all the left side of the Chinese army attacking them soon lost the advantage, Zhang Yi mainly was wild, he killed more than the soldiers on the horses, and still had not been hurt, he was bleeding out the 6 months he had to swallow his pride and hide to survive.

So after almost two days of non-stop battle the barbarians decided to retreat, they had only 30,000 men and the Chinese had almost 60,000 if it were not for the barbarian general's skill he would have already been exterminated.

When the barbarian army receded and the Chinese successfully rebuilt the southern border, Zhang Yi collapsed on the floor of exhaustion, he was tired of killing so much and also mentally tired of having to sleep little every day not to be ambushed by his allies.

Also after this fight, no one could easily approach Zhang Yi who seemed to have a kind of red energy around his body that sent shivers to him.

Soon an officer asked him where he was from, and he replied that he was from one of the battalions exterminated plus he lied about which battalion he had come from. He also said about the trap and that the information they received was wrong, and that he only survived because had not entered the village by chance.

So he learned from the officer that someone had done it to try to lessen the forces on the south side of the army to attempt a rebellion, but how these traitors will attempt the rebellion by working with foreign enemies they were arrested and executed all.

Although Zhang Yi did not believe everything the officer said, he decided to let it go, it was difficult enough for him to survive on his own, so it was not a good idea for him to get involved in the problems of superiors, he had some If the Emperor did not know it, he would have to be sure of his death if he had to get his hands dirty.

More like he said it was from another troop and his body changed a lot compared to what it was in the past he decided to cut this mess with the emperor, after all, he knew that his parents were safe where they were and if he came back alive he would do more harm than what good.

So Zhang Yi entered another battalion with a new identity and continued his war with the barbarians, so he always stood out well in all battles and never hurt his commanders were mostly very happy with him because so fewer people of his battalion died and Zhang Yi also had no ambition to have a better position in the army.


While Zhang Yi fought his battles every day in a place far from China in the middle of the ocean the other calm hour horizon seemed to be torn in the middle, and from that ripped place appeared a middle-aged man who had eyebrows as swords, he had a body tall, over two meters tall, and a muscular body, he wore something that looked like a dressing gown or dress, a full-length blue robe that appeared to be made of a different silk not seen on earth.

He looked indifferently at the space that closed close to him and nodded in satisfaction.

"It seems like this really place without any spiritual energy, it's hard for me to breathe here, it'll be a great place for me to spend a few years and temper my martial heart."

After looking around for a while this man in blue robes looked at one side of the ocean, was where Zhang Yi was.

"How can you in a place that has no spiritual energy like that I find someone who cultivates qi of blood and walks the path of slaughter, is it some specialist who just came to pass like me?"

"This should not be impossible, there should not be another expert in a place like this that has no spiritual energy, besides, this energy is very weak and does not seem to be stable."

The blue-robed Daoist was sure he was right, after all, there are more than a million small worlds like earth, what would be the chance for a specialist to choose this place that has no spiritual energy to withdraw.

He only came here to see what the mortal world was like, since he lived all his life cultivating in a great sect, he never had time to know the mortal world, of course he would never hurt a mortal not to suffer any tribulation when he returned to his world, as soon as he arrived he found someone following the path of the slaughter, in fact, he only felt this small qi because his sense was very strong and because he never thought that he would meet someone who followed the same path he.

"And I think I'm going to see who this person is who grows up in such a sterile world."

In a few minutes, the Daoist had already arrived in the air above the battlefield that Zhang Yi was in, all in that place were ants for the specialist the sooner he found someone a little stronger than everyone beneath him.

He was looking at Zhang Yi, soon he saw that this young man he was looking at seemed to have an extraordinary talent for cultivation, a perfect body to practice body refinement techniques, the expert could see that his cells vibrated alone, so he used without to know the energy of the death of his enemies that he killed little by little to refine his own body.

For the expert was a very inefficient method that wasted much energy and would take several years to show a satisfactory result, what most impressed the expert is that Zhang Yi created this method alone and without the intention of doing this, that is to say, that his talent is so great that his body alone sought a way to allow Zhang Yi to cultivate.

He also had a body with the rarest double attributes of finding earth and metal, and furthermore, he saw that all of his meridians were already open, which says he would have no bottlenecks in his cultivation until the Xiantian.

So he was a talent with the body born to the cultivation locked in a land without spiritual energy, it is as if a whale was born in a desert.

While he thought about how he would bring this talent back to the divine realm he soon found a problem in Zhang Yu's body, it seemed that he had brain impairment, he soon regretted so Zhang Yi would not serve to be a cultivator despite all the talent of his body without proper perception he would not cultivate for long, and it would be a waste to invest so much in someone who would not go the martial way.

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