2 A Long and Cruel War 1

Sometimes a barbarian could slow down and attack, but the armor could withstand a few swipes of swords.

So the fights were not very difficult when it was to great advantage as now, plus that is because the war was at a low and the Chinese soldiers had more numbers.

These barbarian soldiers they were facing should be criminals or slaves, so even though they all die would not affect the full strength of the Mongol army.

But the Chinese in spite of being bigger in numbers were not disposable soldiers and everyone had to have equipment that cost a lot.

So the battle ended when it was dusk, Zhang Yi had observed all day and learned some necessary things to battle, he had to try to keep the distance of his opponent using the spear and try to reach his opponents by undermining his resistance to kill them.

Zhang Yi had a secret when he was at home, he ate just as much of his father what was already quite like his father was a warrior and had to replenish the energies.

More, in fact, Zhang Yi despite never feeling hungry felt that he did not eat enough but did not eat more so as not to bother his parents.

More now that he was in the army and could die at any moment he would not hold himself and eat as much as possible, so he ate four times the portion of the others in the army.

The other day Zhang Yi was no longer in the back of the army, and whenever he found a mate in danger would help with his spear, as he already knew how to use the sword well he was not quite an amateur with the spear and knew how to use some basic and sharp movements.

So whenever he approached someone, they would gain the advantage over the enemy and after a while would kill him.

While some went to the party to bring resting Zhang Yi would always go to fight to face an enemy, but never faced an enemy alone, he had great resistance once he had eaten enough yesterday and was full of energy.

By the end of the day, his opponent had suffered several losses plus the side of Zhang Yi had few, many in the battalion were grateful to him because they knew otherwise would have died.

After eating well at night Zhang Yi went for another war day, this time he went to the front and tried to face the enemies in one against one.

He skillfully used the spear and whenever the opponent approached he moved quickly away with the spear, so soon his opponent would be losing a lot of blood and he would be tired that it was time for Zhang Yi to take the final blow.

So whenever he managed to kill a barbarian Zhang Yi would immediately look for another to face, perhaps because he had low intelligence he did not feel any pain in the killing, it was like doing anything, instead, he felt a sense of accomplishment by doing what Your father sent you.

So a month passed and the mood of the war was increasing, every day they went to the battlefield and killed many barbarians, and Zhang Yi was always one of the highlights, no one else was relieved by this, since they knew that the opponent he would not only continue to send his soldiers to his death.

They still had to enter the arches and horses in the battles, and then they would be battles with the generals, the soldiers would only hope to survive there.

Since this was a battle for territory, no one was in a hurry to battle head-on and no one wanted to suffer many losses, so a battle like this would take years or decades to finish.

Many soldiers on this battlefield had families, no one wanted to stay for many years without seeing the faces of their relatives and still, no one wanted to die.

Only Zhang Yi who had already accepted that he would never again see his family and just wanted to kill an enemy over, because he thought so his father would finally be proud of him, so he weighed his spear now better with a pliable wood and a tip of iron, Zhang Yi traded this spear and his leather armor with steel protecting his vital parts with his battle merits.

He was one of the most barbaric killers of all in his battalion and also one of the ones who ate the most now he did not look more malnourished, his body was as a normal person gave him.

Zhang Yi thought to swap his points for a sword as he wanted before but decided against it because he realized from experience that it was not wise to use a sword in a battle so if he used a sword he could not keep a good distance from the barbarians and would have to exchange blows to deflect them from the blows of his opponent.

And that was not the smartest thing to do, with his spear he could safely kill his enemies and take time to escape if necessary.

After nearly a year of battle, the bows and crossbows began to appear on the battlefield, now Zhang Yi was 1.80 m tall he looked like a barbarian with his muscular body, if he did not have a Chinese so all would have attacked him, lucky that he did not inherit his mother's genes.

Eating well every day and battling hundreds of battles all respected Zhang Yi, he carried a beautiful and well-crafted lance and armor that gave to see that he was tough, everything he touched with merit points, now on his back he too he had a sword.

Although he had never used this sword on a battlefield it was because he did not need the barbarians he had killed with his spear already numbered more than 2000 in that more than a year.

He had already taken the basics of the spear technique, and his new spear was the best available to ordinary soldiers, Zhang Yi could already try to enter to be a captain or a higher rank, but he knew he could not lead and even he who had little intelligence knew better than to stay away from the emperor's eyes.

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As soon as the bows and crossbows entered the battlefield, the pace also declined, no one would want to fight in the open knowing that they could take an arrow, so the commanders' strategies would begin to have to work.

At the beginning each side would give a long rain of arrows to the enemy camp and then retreat so the battle would resume, Zhang Yi was now being more discreet in his fights, it was a tip that his battalion companions gave, that if he was very prominent he would be targeted by archers.

As Zhang Yi no longer needed merit points since he had changed all his equipment he accepted the county, so the battles cooled again.

After a further 1 year of battle, his commander said he received information that had several barbarians trying to get hidden in the country further east in the forest path, so he invaded a village and killed all who were in it except the women for them to play with them.

Their numbers were estimated at 500, as the battalion of Zhang Yi and another was joining for this operation their side had more than 3000 men, so with such numerical advantage, they went to this village to save the women and avenge their dead compatriots.

Soon they went and arrived there at dusk, as soon as they were near the village, soon they saw a mountain of bodies thrown into a dug hole, nor hidden, it seemed that it was only to remove these bodies from the village for the barbarians to have fun.

As soon as they saw that fire rose in the heart of the soldiers, everyone wanted to invade the place as fast as possible and kill them all, all but Zhang Yi, he was feeling uncomfortable for some reason, as if he had a feeling something bad would happen.

Then he moved slowly to the back of the army, no one found his movement strange and they all advanced to the village, as soon as they got closer they could hear sounds of crying, screaming and moaning of the women coming from the village, so everyone wanted enter immediately and kill all the barbarians.

As most were disciplined, they waited for the command of the commander of the mission, the commander was also feeling angry and angry, and because he trusted intelligence information, he immediately ordered them all to invade the village and kill all the barbarians.

So all the soldiers were energized and ran with everything they had towards this village to save the women and do justice with their own hands.

Everyone came in minus Zhang Yi, the closer he got to the village the more his bad feeling increased, he was feeling that he wanted to get out there right now, but did not go out just waited his companions out of the village, if intelligence was right his men dominated in 4 to 1 had no reason for him to rush.

Soon Zhang Yi heard the first noises of battle, and after a while, he listened to horse hooves and saw arrows falling to his companions in the village, soon appeared another 2,000 soldiers armed with horses and had more than 500 soldiers with arches in the position of shot.

It seemed that it was a trap and that his group would be eliminated, although Zhang Yi was a loyal person he remembered his father's words to stay alive, so he can only grit his teeth and start running while he heard the cries of his allies being killed.

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