131 A Disaster 3

"We also want to see our world and the other elves once again before we can leave everything behind."

"I also think you should visit the sect you belonged to for a while, Zhang Yi, it will be good for you to abandon this relationship."

Lusserina knew that Zhang Yi didn't think she had any relationship anymore and didn't owe anything to the sect he belonged to for just a few years, but she also knew how important those relationships could be to humans in the martial world.

Zhang Yi thought for a while and realized that Lusserina was right, he needed to visit his sect again before going to the divine plane, this time he didn't need to fear that anyone would find out that Lusserina and Saphielle were elves.

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He himself was strong enough to destroy the entire continent of the blue moon if he wanted to, and Lusserina and Saphielle had reached the realm of mortal tribulation and had the power to defend themselves.

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