129 A Disaster 1

Zhang Yi went to his mental energy world and decided to meet his wives first, he really wanted to travel all over his mental energy world, but it would take months even using all his speed, so he had better make this trip with his wives.

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Zhang Yi had sent Lusserina and the others to his castle which was actually the little house he created in his first mental energy realm a few years ago, this little house developed just like his whole world of mental energy and was now the most majestic castle in all its world.

He had created this whole world without thinking how he just wanted to increase his mental energy quickly, but after all these years he cannot help thinking about how he had done this world with great care and affection.

He couldn't be sure, but he didn't think all the world's other mind-energy cultivators created had houses, castles, buildings, countries, and everything ready just waiting for people to inhabit.

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