138 A Disaster 10

"I disagree, we lost a lot and if we went into hiding we would lose a lot of reputation at the time, plus many members of the Iron sect are still around and may return for revenge any day, we have only 16 elders of the mortal tribulation realm and they were 18 when escaped."

"Don't be ridiculous elder Mo, even if they have more strength than our sect the other two sects will not stand still if someone from the Iron sect reappears, we can't chase after them so we can end up taking more losses by taking the lead."

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"I am not suggesting that our sect pursue them, I am just remembering the facts, I suggest we continue with our sect the way it is to recruit more talent and use the resources we have received from these ruin years to strengthen more elders of the spiritual sea realm. to the realm of mortal tribulation."

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