1 Chapter 1:The Beginning of a Journey

'So today's the day of the summoning, right?'

Miyuki asked as she stared at the pencil she was twirling around her fingers. It had been 17 years since Iwamoto Miyuki reincarnated into the world of Arifureta due to unknown circumstances. And along with her reincarnation came a system, of which she utilized to the utmost limit. Although most of its features were locked, Miyuki was able to squeeze out plenty of information and training regimens in preparation of the upcoming summoning ritual.

[Affirmative, host. The summoning ritual begins in exactly half an hour.]

Miyuki hummed in acknowledgment as she glanced over to her seat mate, Hajime. Although she was planning to replace him, she had a good impression of him from the manga and thus decided to be friends with him. Miyuki shook her head as she thought of all the bullying that Hajime was put through. The manga really didn't show the severity of it. Thankfully, Miyuki's reputation alone was enough to deter most of the bullies. This was because although she wasn't as popular as Kaori, which was due to Miyuki being antisocial, her beauty alone was enough to earn her a name. In fact, the only person she was publicly known to willingly converse to was Hajime. Even then, she rarely showed emotion on her face. With this was coupled with her family's financial status, it gave Miyuki a cold and overbearing president feel.

Noticing Miyuki's glance, Hajime looked at her and gave a brief smile before turning his attention back to the lesson.

'System, notify me when there is 5 minutes left before the teleportation occurs. I'm going to take a nap.'


Miyuki then rested her head onto her crossed arms before promptly falling asleep.




"-yuki. Miyuki!"

Miyuki woke with a start as she felt someone nudging her. Looking towards the direction she felt the contact, she was met with Hajime's tranquil eyes. Turning her gaze forward as she sat up, Miyuki was met with Aiko's furious gaze before noticing that Aiko was standing in front of her desk with her arms crossed.

"What's wrong, Aiko-sensei?" Miyuki asked innocently, as if it wasn't her that was asleep just now.

"You know what's wrong, Iwamoto-chan! You were taking a nap in class!" Aiko berated, her face flushed in anger.

"See? I told you. She was going to get in trouble."

"We all know that the punishment is going to be light or none existent though. But you have to admit, Iwamoto-san looked so elegant when she was napping!"

Aiko turned her furious gaze towards the two female students who were whispering, effectively shutting them up. Aiko's face then turned into a worried one.

"Are you okay Iwamoto-chan? Do you need to go to the nurse?" Aiko asked in a worried tone as she crouched down to Miyuki's level.

"Ah, no. I'm fine, Aiko-sensei. I already knew the contents of this class so I thought it would be fine if I took a nap." Miyuki responded as she shook her head. In truth, she actually didn't know the contents of the class. But she didn't care however, since they weren't going to be needing that knowledge anytime soon anyway. Thankfully, Aiko didn't call her out on it and just took her answer as a satisfactory one.

"Okay then, Iwamoto-chan. Try to stay awake a couple more minutes then, alright? It's almost time for lunch break." Aiko then went back to the podium and resumed class, leaving Miyuki staring at the clock.

'Hey system, what's the schedule right now?'

[It is 10 minutes before the teleportation and 5 minutes before class ends.]

Miyuki gave a unnoticeable nod of acknowledgement before responding.

'No need to notify me 5 minutes before the teleportation then.'

Suddenly remembering the person who woke her up, Miyuki looked to her right to see Hajime looking at her with a gaze that said, 'Are you okay now?'

Miyuki gave a small nod before turning her attention to the front of the class, deciding to pay attention for the last few minutes of class. Soon, the bell signifying the end of class sounded and Miyuki excused herself before going to the restroom. When she returned, she saw Kouki and co surrounding Hajime. Deciding to wait and watch the event unfold, Miyuki went inside the classroom and stood near the door.

"Nagumo-kun, are you having your lunch? Why not come and eat with us? I'll share some of mine with you since it doesn't look like you have enough." Kaori said, unaware of the dangerous aura that began to fill the classroom due to her invitation.

In all honesty, It was a trap of certain death. If Hajime denied, his classmates would think, 'Who the hell do you think you are to deny our goddess Kaori's invitation?!' and if Hajime accepted, his classmates would think, 'Who the hell do you think you are to have lunch with our goddess Kaori!?' Despite walking along the edge of the cliff, Hajime confidently denied Kaori's invitation.

"Thank you for the invitation, Shirasaki-san, but I'm having lunch with Iwamoto-san. Why don't you go have your lunch with Amanogawa and the others?"

Hearing Miyuki's name, Kaori's expression faltered slightly but she immediately pressed on.

"Eh? Iwamoto-san? She can have lunch with us too!"

At this moment, Kouki spoke up.

"Kaori, let's go eat together, Nagumo-san looks like he's fine with his current arrangement. Besides, he isn't qualified to eat Kaori's delicious homemade food."

Miyuki almost gagged in disgust when she heard Kouki spit out this nauseating line with a bright smile and a self-righteous expression on his face. However, this had no effect on the totally oblivious and air-headed Kaori.

"Eh? Why do I need to get Kouki's permission?"

With this sentence from Kaori, the surroundings erupted in stifled laughter. It was at this point that Miyuki finally decided to step in.

"That's enough, Shirasaki-san. Nagumo-san already refused. You're starting to come off as rude." Miyuki spoke with a cold and confident tone, dissuading any possible objection. Sitting down in her seat, Miyuki took out her bento and started eating. Seeing this, Hajime also started eating his own lunch, which further dissuaded any attempt at continuing the conversation.

Seeing this, Kaori can't help but feel a tinge of jealousy. Finally discouraged, Kaori walked off to her seat and sat down before beginning to eat her own lunch. Seeing this, Kouki gave Hajime a final glare before he and his group went over to Kaori and had their lunch too.

[Teleportation occurring in 30 second.]

Slightly startled by the sudden appearance of the system, Miyuki sped up the speed of which she ate. Wondering why Miyuki was in such a hurry, Hajime glanced at her with a curious gaze before speeding up his own rate of consumption. Thankfully, they were already close to finishing their lunch and finished seconds before the teleportation.

Hajime had just opened his mouth to ask why Miyuki was in such a hurry when he was distracted by a small, pure white circle that had suddenly appeared in the center of the room. Except Miyuki who had been expecting this situation, everybody in the room was distracted by the complex patterns in what looked to be a magic circle. As they stared at the dazzling patterns, the magic circle was rapidly getting brighter as it expanded to the size of the entire classroom. When the light was getting to the point where it was almost blinding, the students let out a scream as they felt sudden vertigo. Finally snapping out of her daze, Aiko, who had been staying in the classroom, immediately gave directions.

"Everyone! Leave the classroom now!"

However, as soon as Aiko said the last word, the magic circle's light flickered before exploding. After a few minutes, the classroom that had been enveloped by the snow white radiance returned to its original state. The only things that remained were the chairs that fell on the ground, the bentos that were left open with half of the food remaining, and the messy chopsticks and plastic bottles. Everything was still there, but not a single soul could be seen.

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