1835 Waiting For A Perfect Opportunity

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Nan Xian wrapped his arms around Feng Ruqing's waist.

"You've remembered now?"

"I once had a dream about that."

Feng Ruqing closed her eyes. "In that dream… I also saw Xia Xia..."

Nan Xian frowned, staring at Feng Ruqing blankly.

Feng Ruqing turned to look at the courtyard behind her. "Chiyou… She used that name back then. In that dream, the Ninth Emperor promised her that she would wait for Chiyou... To reunite with her again. She is my daughter now and will stay by my side forever."

In the dream, even though the Ninth Emperor said nothing, she still could feel her guilt and pain.

If she could have come a moment earlier, she might have been able to save Chiyou.


She was late.

"Moreover, Chiyou was a member of Tianling Clan in her previous life."

'Tianling Clan?'

Nan Xian's eyes sank. "Is this the reason why Nine Gate wants to capture her?"

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