130 The Young Lady of the Qin Family V

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She would never allow anyone to hurt Dai'er!


Thinking of Wei Pinyao who was still immersed in her melancholy, Qin Yi turned to look at her doubtfully.

Wei Pinyao assured her with a smile. "Sister, hurry up. Do not let the princess and Dai'er wait for you for too long. One more thing… she is Princess Royal after all. You'd better… stay calm and be mindful of your expressions."

"I know," Qin Yi replied with a bitter smile. She would not dare to show her dislike openly. How bold would she be? She only had a fear of the princess.

Looking at Wei Pinyao who seemed better made her feel relieved, Qin Yi slowly turned around and walked outside.


Just when she left the courtyard, the first thing that came into Qin Yi's vision was Nalan Dai'er who laughing heartily in Feng Ruqing's arms.

She could finally breathe a sigh of relief as her palpitating heart steadied.


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