1802 The Old Master has Recovered VI

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"Useless!" Nan Fang sneered. "What's the point of following Suyi? You did not give her the drug, and now she has left you here!"

Nan Luo panicked and kowtowed. "Father, I was wrong... I know I was wrong. Please let me go..."

Nan Fang kicked her hard as if the one kowtowing before him was not his daughter.

"Let you go? You are so useless, and you want me to let you go?"

Nan Luo's face was pale and somewhat frightened. She lowered her head and bit her lip hard.

' Why…

'Why did Aunt Suyi not take me when she left?

'She knows that Father will kill me if she leaves me here alone!

'But she still left me…'

Nan Luo clenched her fists tightly; her eyes were filled with hatred. 

There was even endless anger burning in her heart.

Even when she was blamed by her mother, bullied by her brother, and beaten by her father, she had never been so heartbroken.

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