1863 Something Happened to Qing'er III

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Liu Yinyin stood up trembling; her steps were a little unsteady. Her eyes were full of grief as she looked in the direction in which Feng Chen left.

"Young Lady Liu, the person that Master Feng is thinking about, is married. You are the person who will accompany Master Feng in the future. He will know how good you are sooner or later."

All the servants in this manor liked Young Lady Liu very much because she treated everyone like her own family.

Liu Yinyin closed her eyes, shook her head, and smiled bitterly. "Unfortunately, it's already too late..."

Liu Yinyin finally opened her eyes and looked in the direction Feng Chen had left again. She turned around and slowly walked into the manor.

She was somewhat staggering as if she would fall at any moment.


Outside Wu Shang City.

Blood flowed into a river.

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