1 Chapter 1

After a long night of reading and drinking myself into Oblivion, I woke up in a confusing and mind-blowing situation. I am still laying in my bed, but I am no longer human. From what I can tell I am a golden bird of some kind that is roughly two to three feet tall with a wingspan about twice that and I have a golden aura around my body. I feel an overflowing amount of strength coursing through my veins and feel like I could destroy mountains with a sweep of my wings. Obviously I don't really believe that. Who knows at this point what I am capable of, after all I am clearly not human and seemingly divine in nature from what I can tell by my aura.

At that moment my phone began to ring. Panicking, I had no idea what to do, it was my alarm for me to wake up and get ready for work. The problem is, I'm not going anywhere in this state. Rolling onto my two taloned feet, I made my way to the foot of my bed and jumped down to the floor. pacing in circles, I began to think about how I was going to get out of my bedroom. Wishing I could simply turn into a human again, I was surprised when my wish was granted.

With a flash of light I suddenly sprung up from the ground in a fully human form. however, I looked drastically different from my original form. Perfectly tan skin shoulder-length golden hair and strange tattoos all over my body, this is not me at least not the me that I know. deciding to worry about it later I threw on a pair of boxers and headed out of my room to the bathroom to get a better look at myself. Walking into the bathroom I was stunned at my appearance. Long eyelashes, pure golden eyes, and slits for pupils. A impossibly handsome and regal face looked back back at me in shock.

Shaking my head in joy and amazement, I headed back to my room to get dressed. Throwing on a white collared tshirt, and blue jeans, I headed out the door. Upon exiting the house I heard a voice speak in my head. "Grow strong and prosper young Phoenix. Know that at present you can only remain in your human form for 8 hours a day. However as you grow in strength, you will eventually be able to retain the form indefinitely. Focus on the Sun and the stars they are the key to growing your power. I look forward to watching you grow. Goodbye for now my friend."

Stunned by the sudden voice, I paused for a second before smiling and nodding my head to the sky. Getting into my car, I headed to the airport. America doesn't seem to fit with a Phoenix, however in China I will be welcomed with open arms if I ever reveal my identity; I may even be worshipped.

Arriving at the airport I buy a one-way ticket to Beijing, China. Let's just say I am glad I took Chinese in high school, because I'm going to need it. Smiling warmly at the stewardess as I finally get on my plane, I gave her a simple greeting and sat in my seat at the window in the middle of the plane on the right side. China, here I come!