Divine Doctor Abandoned Girl Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Divine Doctor Abandoned Girl

MS Lotus

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The Ye family’s foolish girl is reborn one day! With an omnipotent divine cauldron and a spiritual space in hand, she is no longer the good-for-nothing, abandoned girl that everyone bullies at sight! She is so invincible with both medicine and poison that even a divine doctor will be nothing beside her, Spiritual beasts beg her to make contracts… Oops, excuse her, even the Beast God calls her Boss. When her scumbag father dares to abandon his wife and daughter, she wrecks and destroys his family. When people dare to bully or humiliate her, she would return that favor a hundred times greater. Reincarnated as a human once more, she returns like a powerful sovereign. However, she never expects to be involved with the devilish and bloodthirsty him. Originally meant to be a decisive Ghost King, he ends up reincarnated into a ditsy, cute and harmless hostage prince in a neighboring rival nation…