1 Chapter 1.

My names Allison Barry, daughter of Rebecca and Christian Barry. I live in district 11, Sun Valley. This year will be the first time my names in the annul choosing.

The choosing is for children ages 8-18. Every year your names added 3 times. Since it's only my first year my names in 3 times. Most people choosing are 15-18, but there are some younger tributes.

September 30th:

Today is the day before the annul choosing on the 1st of October. Everybody must attend in there best clothes. Since my district is the fashion district everybody is in the most trendy and fancy clothes.

My birthday was earlier this month so I just made the cut off for this year. This year is the 300th choosing so there will be 4 tributes from each district instead of 2. 2 girls and 2 boys.

Allison please come here. "Yes mother." "Mother what is it?" "Your father and I have decided to eat out tonight. You will stay here and eat the leftover salad from yesterday. You will be asleep when we return. You need your rest for tomorrow." "Yes mother." "Good. We're leaving now. Goodnight. "Goodnight mother."

Yuck salad for dinner. It's not fair that I'm stuck here while there going out. I should get my rest though for tomorrow even though it's only 8:15.