1 When everything changes

Walking through the city streets he looked up at the sun setting on the horizon. Then, he turned his head right to left staring at the people walking around him.

Everything was in slow motion. The day looked so monotonous, so tedious...

For some reason he sighed hardly while looking to the street again, feeling down. On days like that it was better to just look to the ground and pretend to not notice anything.

Days like that weren't usual for him (and for most of the people). Days where you would found out how repetitive things could be and then realize that those ordinary things have nothing good at all.

The ordinary bothered him the most since he was always trying to avoid a common life. That is why he chose chose to enter the army. This motivation was the main reason for everything he did in his life until then.

Shaking his head and vanishing those thoughts, he kept walking. His military uniform seemed to add a lot of weight to the body. His boots sounded loud even in a crowded street like that. He was carrying a heavy backpack in his right hand and maintaining his left ready to withdraw the combat knife in his waist if needed.

It was just natural to him to act like that. He was always prepared for everything that might come and put his life at risk.

"I wanna arrive at my apartment. I still need to finish that game..." He thought, tired. "Wait, did I saved it!?"

While wondering about such things he could never imagine what kind of day he would have.

Casper was his name, a military man. Someone afraid of monotony, but that soon or later would beg to be back at his ordinary and peaceful days.


He arrived at his apartment saying "I am back" at the door as per usual, although there was nobody to answer him.

He had a hard and busy time in the army. It had been a long while since Casper did not come back to his place.

He was part of a special operations force called Yanke Force. There were times when he needed to stay for long periods outside his house accomplishing his missions and tasks.

For the last year, his life was a big fuss. He kept maintaining a crazy pace while working since he had so many things to do. 

Casper was relieved to finally arrive at home. His frantic life would finally calm down a bit.

He did not live with his family due to the distance. They were living in another state of the country. His closest relative was his brother, but they got along really bad.

Casper arrived at home willing to study a bit, maybe play his Ukulele for a while, and after this have a long gameplay before heading to bed.

His body and mind learned to follow the same routine every day systematically. Often he felt like having the same day plenty of times, which confused him every time.

He left his heavy backpack on the floor and dropped all the goods he bought on the top of the kitchen table.

Before he went to play his instrument a little, Casper sat down on the sofa wanting to rest a bit. Just then he realized how heavy and exhausted he was. He felt his body hurting at different points and his vision got blurred.

"Maybe I must take a nap before do anything else I need to." He thought, groggy.

It was very unusual for him to take naps. Something inside him screamed that he should get up and go work on something, accomplish his routine no matter what it takes. Probably it was just his stubborn side, so he ignored it. In the end his health mattered above all.

Casper blinked sometimes before closing his eyes slowly... Then everything was just dark. A sleep without dreams.

However, Casper was aware that he was sleeping, which was strange for him.

It looked like he just closed his eyes but did not fall asleep at all. However, no matter how much effort he did to open them, nothing happened. It was a peculiar feeling, yet confusing and disturbing.

Suddenly his eyes opened widely and automatically. The first thought Casper had was:

"What's this sensation...?"

The soldier tried to move his body, but it was like he had sleep paralysis. He was stiff as a rock.

He felt a cold and sharp sensation on his belly, making him shiver. Because of his military experience, Casper knew: there was a knife pressed on him aiming to pierce the stomach. Just a bit more pressure would cut deeply his flesh.

There was a person on top of him.

Casper tried to be as objective as possible and keep calm and rational. He would think of whatever else after solving that big problem.

There was only one fact: a threat was in front of him and he must overcome it to survive.

While wondering how he could pass through this dangerous situation, he looked up at the person on top of him.

She was a gorgeous woman, maybe the most beautiful that Casper had seen his entire life.

Her hair was fallen all over Casper's chest and had a size that probably fell to her shoulders. It had deep black color, somehow mesmerizing, and was very silky. Her body was the definition of sensuality and the same could be said about her face... if not for a reason: the left side of her face was covered by something looking like a theater mask made of wood.

The woman had a creepy smile on her face.

That sight sent a chill to his entire body, making him shiver and hold his breath. For some reason that mask seemed dangerous... outrageous.

The beautiful, yet scary-looking woman bowed towards Casper's face, deeply examining him. She had a sharp and intense look, as though she could see through his soul.

The soldier could feel the aura around that woman. A killing intention capable of smashing someone's spirit and will, sinking them into despair and fear.

She leaned her body even more to the point when her lips touched his left ear. The knife clipped his stomach, some millimeters of the blade entered into Casper's flesh.

"She will freaking kill me! I wished a lot to have a wonderful woman on top of me, but that's not what I was meaning at all! " He thought.

With all the will and focus Casper gained through years of an intensive train at the army, he concentrated on the pain that the cut sent to all his body.

He felt it traveling from the belly to the entire trunk, in continuous waves of shock. Taking advantage of this sensitivity he managed to tension all his body, which started shaking slightly with the effort.

"I'll move again! I'll gain control of my body again! Today isn't the freaking day to die!!"

If he could manage to roll to the side with all his strength, maybe he could take her off his trunk and take her down to the floor before she managed to inflict more damage.

All his muscles tensioned. His body kept shaking crazily. He was sweating all over.

Two full centimeters of the knife pierced his belly. A considerable amount of blood started to flow. The pain increased and helped his body to wake up, but also increasing his nervousness.

"Damn it! Damn it!! Shit!!! Move on, move on!" He felt like a shout was coming from his throat.

"People who think that the looks are what means the most, like you, must die by my hands!" She said with a threatening voice, giggling in the end.

"What the...? B-but I am god damn ugly!" He shouted in despair.

She looked at him astonished with her eyes wide open and analyzed his face once again. She got pensive for a while.

"That's a good point. You are interesting." She muttered.

She suddenly stood up and ran out of the room as fast as a cat, leaving a dumbfounded soldier at the bed. 

Casper could see through the window she jumping into a building and fixing her hands at it, as though she was kind of a spider-woman.

Soon, he figured out that there was a glove on her hand that seemed more an electronic device than an ordinary glove. Probably that was what made her climb up that way.

Because of a strange contraption on her legs, she ran way faster than a normal human being could do.

The way she ran across the buildings was masterful and all the devices that she had with her were unbelievable. Casper never saw something like that before.

The breath he was holding came out at once. His body was not shaking for extreme tension and effort anymore, but for adrenaline. He was so stressed that the right side of his head started to hurt a lot.

"Crap... I am alive..." He muttered to himself, sighing in relief and joy.

He felt like jumping from the bed, such was the happiness that he was feeling.

"Ok, ok. Calm down once again. There is no time for celebration yet. I still don't know anything about what happened, nor what will happen from now on."

He took a deep breath and stood up. It seemed like his body was able to move now, although his limbs were numb.

Casper glanced at his bleeding belly. He gulped with the possibility of the knife having poison on it, but everything that he could do was to believe in that woman and throw away that thought.

Pessimism would just get on his way after all.

"I can take care of it after I look around a bit." He covered his belly with his shirt again.

The soldier looked around. The room where he was looked very similar to his own room, however there were some differences in the furniture and the design itself. It appeared to be more... rustic. It was lacking a lot of colors, too.

The soldier headed to the closest window and glanced outside, trying to see if he could find the woman. Once again, he held his breath and bit his lips.

"Where the hell am I!?"

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