67 We've met before?

Soojin's mother was a hardworking and dedicated lady. 

She'd joined penny after penny, all to ensure that her children had a roof over their heads. 

Surviving in a Kingdom where Patriarchy was the word, was harsh on a single mother of two. 

Looking after Joon Ki was equal to looking after 3 fussy infants. 

The problem arose when he crossed the age of 7. 

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His limbs started paining, muscle growth deteriorated and in an age where one finds themselves jumping around and exerting their energy merrily, Poor Joon Ki saw most of his days indoors, with his mother and father massaging his legs. 

What was early diagnosed as a bone associated condition had perspired to Muscular Dystrophy upon being inspected further by one of the most renowned Physicians in all of Baekmin. 

It started off with difficulty in raising up from seated positions without support and aggregated to his pelvic region, giving him a waddling gait. 

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