74 Mrs. Min.

'I want you here with me, like how I pictured it.' 

Yun Ki's head bore the weight of the myeonryugwan, a royal crown that bore 9 jade studded strings over his face. 

He stands before the full length mirror with Chief Hong one one side, adjusting the arm of his royal blue Ceremonial robe as beads falling down his face, clash against one another with every subtle movement of his head. 

His feet are clad in his red seok's, ones that are adorned with intricate golden thread work. 

[*Seok = Traditional footwear].

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The back of his ceremonial robe is imbibed in gold and red, streaks of a ferocious yet, majestic dragon breathing fire, taking prominence over his shoulder blades. 

The black cloth holding his ash grey hair under the myeonryugwan, is itchy and Yun Ki isn't sure whether it's from the fabric or the sweat that threatens to spill past his hairline. 

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