Discovering Something Special (Edit in process)
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Discovering Something Special (Edit in process)


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What is Discovering Something Special (Edit in process)

Discovering Something Special (Edit in process) is a popular web novel written by the author QueenCL, covering COMEDY, SLICE OF LIFE, ROMANCE, Romance genres. It's viewed by 1.2M readers with an average rating of 4.56/5 and 46 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 81 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Quincy" "Yes darling" "I'm not yours yet" "You were mine the moment I laid eyes on you" "Quincy" "Yes darling" "You're too old" "I heard older guys are spicier. The spicier, the better. I wouldn't say old, I'd say mature" "Quincy, go home" Quincy Davis shamelessly claimed Seraphina Jacob as his. He liked her at first sight, but he fell for her at the first "hello". "Sera" "Yes Quincy?" "My eyes are up here" "Oh My. I prefer the two dangling eyes between your thighs. The nose in between is saying hello to me. Hi little Quincy. Let's get to know each other well in the future" "Sera, eyes up here not down there" Seraphina Jacob shamelessly claimed Quincy Davis as hers. She liked him at first "naked" sight, but fell for him at the first "kiss". This is a fluttering story about Quincy and Seraphina, and how their love blossomed in the Summer. Updates at least 2 chapters a day. Currently updates 5-6 chapters per day. Cover photo is from Niña on Pinterest titled "The time that you know the love will never end."(https://www.pinterest.com/pin/784189353842863640/)


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I was bored and decided to find some original novels that could pique my interest, surprisingly this was the only novel that caught my attention when I checked the Latest Updates list out of 20 novels under originals. The synopsis was written well and quite catchy, makes you wanna read more about the lead characters which I did. I just hope that the author could change her novel cover. Can't say anything yet about update release but I do hope we could have some more chapters in the future. Adding this on my library.


The 6th novel I finished reading here at Webnovel. I'm so glad I came across this novel. It is very light, funny and has such a feel good vibe to it. I love the characters too and mind you, this is the 1st novel that i've read wherein the rival of female lead ended up being friends with each other. And I guess since the story is very light, that female rival is the only bump in this love story. I would also agree with the comments of other readers about the female lead's emotion during pregnancy being a bit over dramatic but hey this is a novel anything can happen right?! Hehe.. Even so, this is another great read for every hopeless romantic out there just like me. Enjoy!


I love the story and the character development. However, there is a confusion on when does the POV change. Sometimes it changes twice in a single chapter which could be super annoying as a reader.


It is a nice story, short and heartwarming... The familes of the couple adds spice to the story especially their grannies... It is not boring... The development of the story was nicely written. I like that the story is not too complicated and exaggerated... ♥️☺️👌👍


they are happy after the storm left...good they believed each other. thumbs up for the husband he did amazing to his wife during those stressing time of pregnancy.


Quite cheesy I might say.😂 It was interesting, hilarious I was hooked it the end. All characters presence was felt throughout the story. It had good follow of events. However, there were grammatical errors here and there. All in all I did enjoy my reading. Hopefully we'll be getting more stories on the others


The characters are cute, a good novel to read. Though I suggest changing the cover. Good job!!! (Hshduebhxbshzcharacterstoreachthewordlimithdb)


Amazing and entertaining book with funny characters especially the babies blabbering 😂. Well-done dear author. Much love from me to u 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Very unique and cheesy. I love it. So good for my mental health. Not like some stories when you read it, your brain feels like crap. Nice work author, keep it up. More stories like this please. I can read a bunch. I like the horny women, else it alway was horny men. Love this....😍😍😍


The shorts @ the end are the BEST..... The while story was really really reallyyyyyyyyy good.... I just loved it.... Quincy is THE BEST 🥰😍🤩😘😘😘😘


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Interesting short story. Not too much drama. The leads get together quickly but don't consummate the relationship until much later. There is a lot of family harmony. Very sweet!


Fate... I believe in it n its very interesting to make proposal then the kid is gust born.. So they can watch them out to be best for each other and live with each others.. Amazing story.. Love it 💞. Thanks author


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Beautiful ending with normal enthusiastic families..!!I loved the stories and hope you write more..!!Congrats on ur completion of a wonderful novel..!!


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The heartiest nd soft cuddle romance i ever read. Its so light without any excessive drama..totally in love with your writing author...must write more..craving for more😋..awesome job with your writing..really something worth reading🥰


This light, fluffy, funny and without too much drama. The couple is super adorable, not to mention the people around them are soooo funny! Give it a try guys.


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