12 Within the Halo, God Will Also Be Killed

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On the peak of Mount God of Heaven, Yu Sisi was roasting rabbit meat.

She looked enviously at the little leopard cat beside her, and the jade butterfly on top of the little leopard cat's head.

"I really envy all of you. To be able to follow Senior by his side, it would be great if Senior could take me in as a disciple."

Yu Sisi muttered to herself.

She thought to herself, if the rabbit meat she roasted could be accepted by Senior, would it be considered as passing the test?

Only after she met the senior's requirements would she have the chance to avenge her family.

This was also the only reason she was still alive.

She understood that her talent was ordinary.

Like the bloodline of those magical beasts, the innate talent for cultivation of every cultivator were formed at birth and were difficult to ascend.

She was only a third grade talent. If nothing unexpected happened in her life, she would at most be able to advance to the Spiritual Pedestal Realm.

The Ancient Witch Sect had a large number of cultivators in this realm.

If she wanted to take revenge on the Ancient Witch Sect's Great Elder, she wouldn't even be able to defeat the gatekeeper with her current cultivation.

Therefore, if she wanted to seek revenge, she must become Jiang Yun's disciple.

If such a powerful master accepted her as his disciple, he would definitely feel that her talent wasn't worthy of him.

Since her master did not care about spirit fruits like red dates, he might reward her with some spirit fruits or Dan panaceas to improve her talent.

Jiang Yun looked at the rabbit and drooled. The rabbit was still steaming.

As a master, he would want to have a professional disciple to roast the meat.

Should he take in more disciples? Each of them would be assigned with some work to specially serve him.

Jiang Yun thought happily for a while, and then retracted his attention.

There was a new discovery regarding his halo.

When Yu Sisi killed these people, he also received experience points.

Feng Biao had the strength of the Core Formation Realm, so he provided more experience, a total of 50 points, while the halo points he provided were only five points.

As for the rest of the men in black, they were only in the Spiritual Pedestal Realm, so their experience points were only 10 points, while the halo points were only one point per person.

Thus, the stronger the person who died in his aura, the more aura points and experience points he would get.

But now, there were no more targets for him to experiment on.

He had received experience points even if he didn't take action.

"If I took Yu Sisi as my disciple, would I get some experience points after she killed demons and monsters?" Jiang Yun thought.

This was worth investigating.

Unfortunately, his disciple's strength was still too weak. If she really met these masters, I was afraid she will be killed in seconds.

At this moment, Jiang Yun could smell the fragrance of the meat.

It seemed that the rabbit meat was cooked.

In an instant, Jiang Yun flashed and appeared in the courtyard.

 Yu Sisi was also shocked when she saw Jiang Yun suddenly appeared.

Then, she hurriedly picked up the rabbit meat on the grill and carefully handed it to Jiang Yun.

Looking at this skewer of rabbit meat, the little leopard cat couldn't wait any longer.

It wanted to jump up and take a bite of the fragrant rabbit meat.

Unexpectedly, in the next second, Jiang Yun and the three roasted rabbit meat instantly appeared on the wooden table on the left side of the courtyard.

The little leopard cat found that it hadn't bite anything. Then it ran towards Jiang Yun after smelling fragrance.

Jiang Yun picked up the twig and took a bite of the rabbit meat.

"Mm, not bad."

As he said this, Jiang Yun sliced off a large piece of rabbit meat with the edge of his palm like a knife. The rabbit meat floated towards the little leopard cat that was dashing over.

Seeing Jiang Yun eating with relish, Yu Sisi could not help but feel a little curious.

This senior was really strange. Why would he eat the food of mortals? Powerful cultivators, most of whom only absorb spiritual energy without eating or excreting, were dismissive of the impurity of mortal food.

Jiang Yun also saw Yu Sisi's confusion.

He smiled and said, "When I was first accepted by my Master, Master had requested me to barbecue meat. Now, even though Master has passed away, I still eat barbecued meat to remember him."

Hearing Jiang Yun's sigh, Yu Sisi eventually understood. It was not roast meat that Senior was eating, but a feeling of remembrance.

However, the next moment, she heard Jiang Yun's words and realized that she was too naive.

"However, I then realized that roast meat tastes really good!"

Looking at Senior's behavior and appearance, Yi Sisi was wondering that perhaps this was how a true expert behaved.

"Come over, let's eat together!" Jiang Yun said to Yu Sisi, who was still in a daze.

After all, eating together made the food taste better.

"Really?" Yu Sisi looked at Jiang Yun and asked happily. Her cultivation level was low, so she still needed to eat and drink.

These days, except for drinking water, she had been running for her life.

She hadn't eaten for a few days, and her stomach was already rumbling with hunger.

However, in her heart, she was very nervous.

She wondered if this invitation meant that she was accepted.

Just as Yu Sisi was just about to take the rabbit meat from Senior's hand, a powerful spiritual pressure came from outside the courtyard.

Yu Sisi's expression was grave. She closed her eyes and wanted to carefully sense it again. This pressure was no less than that of a grade four magical beast.

The little leopard cat also sensed this powerful spiritual fluctuation. Its hair stood on end, as if it was facing a great enemy.


Jiang Yun was also a bit surprised. That magical beast wasn't in the range of his halo, so everything was fine within his field of vision.

However, seeing Yu Sisi's serious expression, and the little leopard cat's reaction, there must be something coming over.

Yu Sisi revealed a puzzled expression. "Senior, didn't you notice?"

With Senior's heaven-reaching cultivation, it was impossible for him not to notice this pressure.

Jiang Yun also saw Yu Sisi's puzzled expression, but of course, he wouldn't show any reaction.

No matter what came, as long as it entered the range of his halo, even if it was god, he could kill it.

In my halo, there would only be one god!

"En, it's just a cute animal. Don't worry, eat the roast meat first. If you don't eat it, it'll get cold!" Jiang Yun's expression didn't change as he said indifferently.

Seeing Jiang Yun's calm expression, Yu Sisi's eyes instantly widened.

Was this even considered a cute animal?

This kind of pressure and fierce mental power, at least was released by the grade four magical beast.

However, thinking about the earth-shaking battle a few days ago, this magical beast was just a cute animal in the eyes of the Senior .

Jiang Yun gently stroked the little leopard cat's back. It gradually calmed down. The jade butterfly in the tree also released the mysterious power of soothing emotions..

While Yu Sisi's mind calmed down as the spiritual fluctuation got closer, her body instinctively felt uncomfortable.

Then, a huge pitch-black beast slowly appeared in her field of vision.

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