1 How I died

"yeh, baby.." 

"Woo hoo.. Look at that bodyyyyy"

"George, you see dem legs?"

"Nah dude, look at that firm arse,"

"David... David... Look... Man... Look!" 

Music, it was always my muse, dancing if I never allow myself to get lost in the music I would probably look tragic.

After all, who in their right mind would willingly dress in scraps of clothing to dance for licentious men- no one, right?

Yet what choice did I have?

It didn't matter anyway this was something that I did-

I swayed my hips from left to right to the music, moving as if I was one with both it and the pole.

One leg raised straight, a hand grabbing the pole, I hooked one leg on it so I can have a decent grip then climbed up looking as sensual as I could.

The jeers and throwing of money signified that I had done what I had sought out to do, making me breathe a sigh of relief.

Song close to an end I twisted around the pole moving upwards before slowly sliding down legs moving as if I am walking on air my arms as my only support twisting my hips to the slow beat.

This took core strength and the power from my arms... Amen to push and pull-ups.

When I reach the floor placing first the left leg gently down and then the right slightly in front of the other.

I shook my butt facing the crowd as those males and the few females present exploded... Raining more bills.

A thirty-two-inch waist was small compared to forty-inch hips, a pair of size thirty- four c-cup perky breast, and a peach-shaped butt it seemed bigger with my tiny waist and broad hips, my thighs and legs were also a decent size powerfully shaped from heels and dancing, this body I was proud of... Grateful for.

As a student, this was the fastest way for me to make money without starving and becoming homeless after all I had escaped from that place and tried my hardest to blend in.. No one will find me here.

How were they?

Even though they had disappeared I felt.. I felt that they still lived.

With them gone will I be found again.

Yeh ill be fine. It was a chat in my head that I need to quickly throw to the side so I can focus.

Six hundred to one thousand a night gave me a great life, a temper and being kicked out of school just before the third term I was a disappointment but I graduated the year before that it had only stayed the extra year to get extra certificates and they had come to close to finding me. I did not want to go back there, it was just...too much.

I had finally fixed my body after their "care" I will never be able to survive if they took me again.

College was not cheap, textbooks and other materials drove me to my limit and not one to continue suffering, here I am.

Well, it didn't matter I was a stripper it would discredit me but who cares right now my goals had to be met I will sort it out when it came.

Picking up my money I retrieved my small bag and placed it inside separating the amount I needed to pay the club then headed to change.

No lap dances, no private dances, massages or sexual intercourse purely... Pole dancing.

Even if I was a stripper my limits had to be drawn like a clear line saying do not cross!! Yup, exclamation marks included.

I think of it simply as me wearing a two-piece Brazilian styled bikini while I'm dancing and those around me are beachgoers.

Minus the fact, they catcalled and threw money on a stage.

"Yuh did good girl!"

"Since she came here de men don't pay we no mind," 

"So? ain't like she doing private dancing, all she doing is tekking de stage," 

"Oi girl where yuh from? Yuh sure yuh a Bajan?"

I pretended to be mute, trying my hardest to stay in my corner, I grabbed a new outfit spraying my arms in case I stank.

"Girl, yuh can't speak?"

"Candy, leave lollipop. You know she is like a mute," 

"Tch, she getting on like we all not whores,"

I wanted to roll my eyes but remember the girl who had been stabbed two weeks ago just for reporting back, this very woman a bit too loud.

Sure she was light-skinned, pretty with long human hair that reached her waist, grey contacts, long fake lashes and a slim slightly shorter built.

Still, it is well known she bleached her skin, and she was thirty-five percent fake as a**.

Sidestepping her once I was finished, I walked to the exit.

"You nuh better than us. How a whore could try to be classy? In the end, you still a hoe!" 

Her voice was loud, her Jamaican accent thick, other than her being so damn coarse I loved her accent.

I just want to listen to her whisper sweet nothing in my ears for hours.

The door slammed closed, and I looked around the club nodding to the guard. Somehow Barbados accepted the fact that we had a club owner from Asia.

It was all I remembered since I still made money regardless minus the fact I needed to pay three hundred a night,

"Hello, lollipop, can I offer you a drink?"

This man was white with a suit and hair cut in a popular style short sides slightly long unlike the trend now among white people he had no tan, which was a bit strange to see on the island. Perhaps he was one of those who stayed mostly indoors fearing the Sun.. I'm not sure anyway it didn't matter all I cared about is if he will be paying for my time or not.

Either way, it's a miracle for him to be so.. Ah.. Pale.

I thought while trying to remember if the outside was over forty degrees or around thirty-eight, even if its night the temperature was still around the high thirties.

Barbados was a humid country with an extremely high temperature, the day varying from thirty to forty-five degrees even though the feel seems as if it rose to over fifty.

"What would you like to drink?" 

He asked while I sighed inwardly. To be honest, I'd prefer water, but I decided on an aged rum, one shot with soda water, no ice. This way the bar can make some money.

"Can I have the same?"

His accent seemed as if he was from England but one can never be sure, he might just have an accent or seem to.

Even though the music was loud, we still conversed, albeit loud, each understanding the other. He asked what I did in my free time and I informed him.

Him: "So you are studying business?" 

Me: "It is common but yes,"

Him: "That is good, and what year are you in now?" 

Me: "I'm in my second year," 

Him: "Good and do you know which company you will work in?" 

Me: "no, I am a stripper so perhaps I will work online for an offshore company," 

Him: "Ah, sounds good,"

The night was good when it ended strangely I needed up with two thousand dollars in total, not including the three hundred pounds Eric gave me.

I avoided candy and began to walk where I can hail a taxi, but my night seemed to have made a 360-degree turn.

My head was pounding, and I like a little fool took a taxi and decided to walk near the wharf in the centre, I have no idea why I would walk anywhere near a body of water I'd almost died so many times before, yet here I am wanting to hear the lapping of water, the boats and moon as it reflects off the water such a pretty sight sigh.

"Lil girl, you shouldn't walk here in heels,"

"It's alright, I'm fine..."

I said softly. The old man gave me a look before returning to fish I was curious people always fished here at night isn't in danger-

Somehow I slipped, twisted my ankle and fell, sadly I could not swim so I flailed in the water.

" Help! help!... A.. H- He.."

Something dragged me down bitting into my injured leg.

I kicked, but it seemed like it was slippery, suddenly I was bitten, pain knifed through that particular hand dragging me to another side.

My mouth opened to release a scream perhaps in an effort to relieve the pain but that only made me realise that I am underwater and besides being potentially eaten… I am drowning, is this karma?

Righting the wrongs that I have done?

But what of me? What about those that-

I wanted to suck in a breath but instead I ended up swallowing a mouthful of water I coughed, veins bulging, struggling with my remaining limbs, blood clouding my blurry vision-

Weaker I am getting weaker-

I'm going to die, I'm going to die.

I haven't had sex yet, damn it!

As a stripper, it was a total shame, but priorities. School first, then a stable job before focusing on a man.

And them! If it was not for those people! If it was not for them is never suffer, if I had not trusted I would have never been tortured!

If it was not for them..



My vision went black, feeling the pain suddenly vanish, I released a peace filled sigh, thereafter feeling utter regret, the faces of those five flashed before my eyes, each so far out of my league I dared not to love them openly.

Was it not disgusting? To love more than one person?

Was it not tiring? To please so many?

My mind drifted, along with my immortal soul, thoughts of them constantly bombarding me; wondering about those four I had die for me.

Were they in a better place now?

"even if it was against morals, if I have another life, if I get the chance to be reborn..."

<..us, we... We will love you beyond eternity,>

<Our promise, to you our mates, life and fathers of spawns...>

A being with a beak able to crush bone, tear flesh and split it enemies spoke, its voice gutteral, the feathers a beautiful pitch black cloaked in death, the eyes reflecting were like a deep chasm drawing its prey into a lull begging them silently to die for it. 

The other, yet to fully awaken, waiting for its fragmented soul to notice its presence to release it from its prison opened its jaw emitting a silent roar, twin rows of porcelain white teeth were bared to see, its form was so massive and majestic, it struck fear in those who had the honour of seeing it. 

Who would believe such a powerful being had died by motal fish, leaving behind only blood which to was washed away. 


"I warned her, the sharks are here to give birth. Dropping in the water this time is forbidden sigh, it's a pity by morning no one will know she died," 

Using his walker beside him, he called for a cleanup.

"Another one?"

"Yeh, I tried, but she fell in before I could help. Mistress three was in the water this time she was already dragged down," 

"shit, alright ill send the cleanup, man trying to save these sharks is a pain. The humans kept feeding themselves to them. Sigh,"

"We knew what we were getting into when we signed up, Let's just clean up before sun-up so no one notices," 

Cutting connection he shook his head looking at the blood in the water and the head that floated up. It looked eerily how she stared with her eyes filled with a bit of disbelief and that smile on her face.

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