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Read DIO!!! fanfiction written by the author FLEWKEY on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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The Great Author here to say that something is rising, and it isn't the king of heroes, well enough of this just gimme your thoughts about this story and add it to your library and give stones should you like it!


There has been a misunderstanding between me and the author of (Sloth's Rise), and we already solved it. Before you accuse me of anything at least read it a few chapters in. It is vastly different from Sloth's Rise!


I just realized that I have never done a review for this fic before so I'll fix it now. Gilgamesh in Tensura isn't exactly a thing that have been done before and if it had then I haven't found a good one yet but this fic does offer a lot of potentials that can be explore considering the mc arrived at the time of Veldanava. Some readers may see similarities with Advent of chaos or Sloth's rise but author-san had stated that it's unintentional and I think he had already talk with the author of the 2 mention fics. The only thing that I would complained is the rushed background of the mc and the way he died but overall it's a good fic and I'll still give author-san my full support.


normally I wouldnt write a review this early but i have just noticed how suspiciously similar this be to another fic i like reading (Sloth's Rise) now i dont wanna accuse you of copy and pasting as youre doing things differently plus you use a different character but i cant read this sorry. I think i would have liked this more if i hadnt read the other fic that i found way more entertaining even in its early stages.


Dude just straight up copies sloth's rise/advent of chaos start then changes the character's personality from crazy sis-con mercenary to stupid want to be Gilgamesh and says it is not a copy.His writing is okay there are many errors but it is still readable.From what I have seen he does not know how tensura works as mc has gluttony but gets no skills from devouring monsters just affinity for elements.


Not a bad story. It's pretty good. Writing Quality 4/5 Since there are a few mistakes here and there. Grammar is better than the majority on this site, but Author has the tendency to use the wrong pronouns (saying he when it should be she, etc). Stability of Updates 5/5 It's a daily thing, what else is there to say. Story Development 4/5 The pacing is good in my opinion, not too slow and not too fast either, especially since the story starts WAY before canon. Character Design 3/5 The Author has the tendency to not go too deep into character building and just assumes you know how they all act. World Background 3/5 Same as before, Author tends to not go too deep into explaining things, although it's a little better since it starts so early on in history, so it's kind of explained as things go along. All in all, I suggest giving it a read, it's pretty good.


although it seems similar to sloth's rise in the beginning, it develops to become a unique story, it ll be hard to write about storyline before cannon but continue!


I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review. Webnovel is my body, exp is my blood. I have created over a thousand useless reviews. Unknown to sleep, nor known to reality. I have withstood Cliff-Kun to create many reviews. Yet, these hands will never hold anything. So, as I pray ... Unlimited Exp Works!


so far it is really good.......and be sure to make him stronger than guy....he is his senpai after all.....................................................


This book goes reeaaaaaalllly far into the past so much so that Veldanava is still alive so this is probably going to be a slow paced novel or not it depends on what the author does. All in all even though I hate harems this book in an exception.


Reveal spoiler


author why did you delete the chapters, do you want to rewrite it or just want to delete it this story has been very good..................................................................




At first this fanfic was quite interesting for me, but the more I read I felt that mc character development in my opinion was too forced.not only that there are events that he can prevent in the story but for some reason I feel mc's intelligence has decreased to become like a fool.yet it was clear that he knew something bad was going to happen. (Google Translate)


why author why did you delete this? though I will give my 5 star rating it was pretty good read for me. (For word count so i can post it bla bla bla)


I came to read this without expecting anything, but it surprised me I came to read this without expecting anything, but it surprised me


What happened? Chapters deleted and title changed? Oh nooo... I hope it is not what I think it to be... It would be very bad ...........................................................................................................................................


Overall a great story with Very good world building and Charakters. good grammar and good Update Stability -Good das/night great Author b.t.w


Great story so far, this has really taken fanfiction stories in Tensura to new heights with the charecter development being at a good rate and the overall feeling is fantastic. The moment you immerse yourself in this story, you can't stop reading. 👍


Simple put I liked it, the only thing that needs improvement I would say is more character development other than that Im enjoying the story.


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