Dimenssion Mission Book

novel - Fantasy

Dimenssion Mission


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Ryan Jeegr is a simple man who doesn't have much to be proud of in his life. His life form is said to be average, nothing is amazing from the outside to the inside he is an ordinary person. He is not a good person but also not a bad person, he does not violate the laws of the country but also has no desire to help and sympathy for others. If they were good then he would repay them for their kindness, if they did bad to him he would repay them if it was possible. But with his usual attitude and not stand out from him no one wanted to cause trouble for him, he got along well with his neighbors. Monotonous life for others. But for him it did not matter in the slightest and preferred a life like this. But one day he got an email. [ Congratulations! You have successfully become the Mission Dimension Administrator! You can now live a fun and stressful life. You will also watch other people who are Participants, struggling in another world to satisfy their desires. What ever you want ]