1 The Encounter

Third-person pov

"Sweetheart, why don't you go play with the other kids?" A woman said as she gently nudged her daughter in the direction of some of the other children.

"No thank you." said the little girl hiding behind her mother's leg. Ashliene was shy at first glance. That is until she becomes comfortable around you. Ashleine was a beautiful young girl despite being rather shy at first. She wore a baby blue dress with a dark blue ribbon around the waist. She had a pale blue flower clip in her raven black hair. She had auburn eyes that sparkled ever so slightly.

"Hello there darling, I have a daughter your age how about you 2 go and play while me and your mommy talk?" the lady in the short pink dress asked.

She turned to her butler "Will you be a dear and go get Cordellia for me?"

"Cordellia honey comes to mommy please," she said as soon as Cordellia skipped into the room.

Just then the little girl about as tall as Ashleine came running when she saw her mother. She had a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings. An adorable bright red dress that ended at her mid-calf. She had white socks with little frills at the top of them. She had lightly curled light brown hair. "Yes, mommy?" she said cheekily.

"Come meet Ashleine. She hasn't many friends would you mind showing her around and playing with her?" The lady said as she kneeled down.

"Ok, mommy. Hi, I'm Cordellia but everyone just calls me Delia," she said in a cheerful voice. Before Ashliene could speak she grabbed Ashliene's hand and just like that the 2 little girls ran off.

"How old are you? I'm 4 and I like your flower. My house has a flower garden and there's a lot of flowers. They're all so colourful. They smell nice too." Delia rambled on.

"I'm...3. I'm turning 4 next month." Ashleine almost whispered out.

"Really?! That's so cool make sure to invite me to your birthday." She said flashing the biggest smile at Ashliene.

"Where are we going?" Ashleine said looking up from the ground.

"We're almost there I'm taking you to my brothers," Delia said slowing down and skipping now.

"Oh, I have an older brother and 2 older sisters," Ashliene said with a slight smile.

"REALLY?! Where are they? I don't see them," Delia said before stopping and looking around the hall.

Asliene giggled "They're not here right now. Brother is on busines. My 2 older sisters are helping him. They're very busy. Sissy is getting married soon and brother is trying to start a family." Ashleine said with a finger on her chin.

"Oh, my brothers are also 4 so there always where I am. We never leave each other's sides, I've always wanted a sister though. Hey, do you wanna be my new sister?" Delia asked looking back at Ashleine

"Ok then," Ashleine said excitedly.

"REALLY?! Ok, looks like we're here. ATTENTION BROTHERS. THE PRINCESS IS BACK!" Delia shouted. Making Ashleine flinch at the sudden noise.

"SERIOUSLY?! You just made us knock over our card tower. Anyways why did mom need you? Were you in trouble?" One of the 3 males asked with a smirk.

"Of course not meet my new sister Uhm...what was your name?" Delia asked looking back at Ashliene.

"Ashleine," she whispered.

"Ashleine!" Delia yelled in glee.

"We have a new sister?" the other male asked turning to his brothers.

"No. I have a new sister. She's my sister, not yours." Delia said as she blew a raspberry at them.

"But if she's your sister then she's ours too. Right?" The shortest of the 3 males said.

"Boys, they're dumb. But anyways. that's Grayson, that's Adri and finally, Ryan is the grumpiest of the 3." Delia said while pointing to her 3 brothers.

"Hello," Ashleine said quietly with a smile.

"Hi, sorry if our sister caused you any trouble she's excited to have a new friend," Grayson said walking over with a huge smile.

"It's ok," Ashliene said before looking away.

"Well, what are you 2 waiting for? Get over here." Ryan said grumpily gesturing for the 2. "You owe us a card tower so get to work chop chop," He said angrily.

"Stop being so grumpy all the time. And maybe you'd have more friends." Delia said before sitting down and sticking her tongue out at her brother.

"Whatever," Ryan said before storming off.

"Sorry about him Ashley he doesn't like new people," Delia said with a smile holding out a hand for Ashliene.