101 Chapter 101: Hinata Potential Love Rival

~Tatsumi POV~

After leaving Mavis and Hinata at the Hotel in Magnolia town for the day seeing that Mavis needs time to recover her bodily functions again and not wanting to be pranked by her with my petty revenge I spent the time analyzing the information about Phantom Lords.

While Mavis attacking them from the beginning would be nice it would be good any cause of the day except when it involves guild wars. Those Guild Wars in the past were something common to her but I know now it's illegal to have them in this era.

That was the main reason why I didn't want to fight them and be done with them early because if I did this will open a whole can of political worms that Fairy Tail can't deal with at the moment.

Remembering that they have a mock trial to show punishment for their constant destruction it was pointed out they had to show an example to ensure they show a power-play keeping the public safe.


A joke more like only the Wizard Saints have any real balls to do what is needed but I digress though.

If I let Mavis attack as originally the time she was awake then it leads to massive problems for her to handle and probably the dissolving of the fairy tail guild. That and I don't want any hidden characters to show up out of the blue that is the LAST thing I need.

Also considering the past masters of Phantom Lord has a deep grudge against their founding members and more specifically Mavis as well.

The original master founded Phantom Lord. After all, he wanted a guild that could stand against Fairy Tail because he held a grudge against its four founding members: Mavis Vermillion, Precht Gaebolg, Yuri Dreyar, and Warrod Sequen. ... This caused the similarly drunk Jose Porla to try to compete with his guild against Makarov's.

And quite frankly looking at the info collected about the Phantom Lord I made the right call to do so in this case. The reason why though is the lineup of the four is different two are still the same Juvia Lockser for water and Aria for air.

The other two, however… were something I didn't expect to have met this early though…

Azuma the Wood Magic user of <Great Tree Arc> and Zancrow the Fire Magic user of <Fire God Slayer Magic>… These two I didn't expect to meet this early in the game nor this part of the guild but…

Guess the surprises just keep coming then considering those two might be hard to deal with considering they belong to the Dark Guild Grimore Hearts but at the very least I can see why they are a challenge of sorts.

One acts as a warrior while one is just bat shit crazy but if they are following as undercover agents to get closer to Mavis infinite magic using the knowledge of their Master Hades then it would make some sense. Even though I don't have any evidence there are plenty of ideas to go on about but-



I stopped my train of thought as I noticed an increase of rain coming down from the sky I looked confused if the sudden change as I felt the water droplets fall, "Strange? There wasn't supposed to be any rain for the day. Wonder- "

"Drip, drip, drop."


Ok now, this makes more sense now with the odd change of weather and rain.

Glancing at the young lady in question I see her coming around Juvia is a slender, teenage girl with azure blue hair, midnight blue eyes, snow skin complexion, and a curvaceous figure. Juvia is first introduced with long hair, tightly curled at the base, wearing a sapphire blue coat, a cream-colored furry trimmed navy blue shawl with a pure white teru teru bōzu attached to it, as well as a matching Russian Cossack hat.

Juvia was born in the year X767 and spent her childhood shunned by the other children for constantly making it rain around her. She took up making teru teru bozu dolls in an attempt to make it stop raining, but it only served to make the other children tease her even more.

As she grew older, she would overhear other people commenting on the gloominess of the rain around her, making her feel increasingly depressed.

At one point in her life, she was in a relationship with Bora, but he broke up with her because he couldn't stand the rain. Eventually, she was accepted into the Phantom Lord Guild, noting that it was the first time anyone had accepted her, and formed a quarter of the guild's elite Mage team: Element 4.

She comes around looking depressed as I sigh out loud wondering what's up with her as I asked curiously, "Yo! You with the umbrella what's happening with you? You look kind of down miss?"

That was when she saw my face then I saw her blush at me before returning to her usual emotionless facial expression as she asked me trying to be emotionless, "It's none of your business young man. But if you must know I just don't like the rain."

Raised my eyebrow at her curiously as I talked to her in a curious tone, "But aren't you the one controlling the water though? I mean you are Juvia of Phantom Lord couldn't you turn it off?"

At this, she shakes her head as I reply honestly as I glance at the sky while the rain is still pouring down I spoke, "Sigh… you know it would be a pretty good day to see the sun without the rain. Would make anyone happy to see the sun right?"

Before I let Juvia respond I merely swiped my hand as that generated a large gust of wind powerful enough to move the clouds in the sky returning to their usual sunlight day. Now it was Juvia's turn to look surprised.

Not something hard with my growing powers but something I used when I absorbed the <Storm Orb> into my body along with the <Rare Suit> to help me know the functions of controlling the elements surrounding me.

At the rate I'm going at least I could at least be able to summon the elements without much movement that would turn to telekinesis of the elements soon enough. With enough practice, it could become true enough.

And knowing about Juvia's personality also helps out collecting more information as well. Juvia is first introduced portraying an emotionless face, seeming more secluded from everyone, including members of the Phantom Lord Guild.

Then that means I can persuade her and let her know more about what is happening and help hunt down or at least give information about Azuma and Zancrow. But the first thing I'm going to do is maybe cock block Gray though.

Sorry, Gray but it's for a worthy cause, and hope you understand getting cock blocked or is NTR though?

Ignoring those thoughts in my head I began to see the expression of Juvia change to genuine shock at the sudden change as I genuinely compliment her beauty, "They're much better with the rain out of the way. Do you know you look a lot cuter with the sun out of the way? Have anyone told you that?"


At this Juvia manages to shoot smoke out of her face as she looked at me with a curious but embarrassed face probably the first time she was spoken this way before, "Wha! I mean thanks for the compliment but… sorry I should probably introduce myself my name is Juvia Lockster and are you perhaps single?"


That was when I heard from the chat at the moment but ignored it as I responded to Juvia by being as polite to her as possible, "Actually yes I am single at the moment the name is Tatsumi by the way Juvia."

[You have defeated one of the Element 4!]

Well not like it means much at the end of things right plus it will be helpful in the future to have someone like Juvia help Mavis out and besides it's not like I'm currently in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

At least though I don't have to actively search for Esdeath anymore with the power I have so I can at least date a normal girl again. Whew, what a relief….

~Third POV~

Back at the hotel with Hinata treating Mavis she instinctively forced too much pressure onto Mavis's arms as she complains at this, "Ouch! What the actual heck Hinata why the sudden – Oh…"

That was when Mavis noticed something amiss with Hinata as she looked at the young girl's expression with a worrisome expression as they heard the sounds of one of their quest requirements being done.

Mavis knew this expression all too well for her time as she saw it with the rest of the guild members in the past for fun as she heard Hinata speak her words, "I felt a great disturbance of my relationship status with my crush in jeopardy."

Never underestimate the power of a woman's intuition Mavis looks shocked at this as she thinks to herself in relief, 'Whew… at least it can't possibly get any worse from here right?'


Knocks on the door to their hotel room were heard as Tatsumi appears with a new girl with him holding his arm he doesn't mind the close contact as he speaks to them, "Hey guys I managed to get Juvia to help us take down Phantom Lord and arrest their Dark Guildmates in the process!"

Hinata looks at Juvia as she responded to Tatsumi holding his arm tightly as she blushed at him kindly, "Oh Tatsumi dear thank you for helping Juvia out of this mess with Phantom Lord and the Dark Guild as well as them planning a Guild War. You are a nice boyfriend."

Mavis carefully looks in Hinata's direction as she sees the hollow look in her eyes then let up like fire at the challenge of a love rival as Mavis thinks to herself slowly away from this, 'Yeah… I take back my words earlier. It just got a whole lot worse…. Fuck my new life.'


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