Digital World, Animated Adventures Book

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Digital World, Animated Adventures


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The digital world, a beautiful place full of the characters that we love and see every day on television or on the pc ... but have you ever wondered, what happens in the world of networks? ... there is something more there than just the characters we see? ... Well, my dear friend, there is more than meets the eye ... If we go beyond the screen we can see a world like the one we know ... only here there is everything we see in the series. Special abilities, magic, mystical and wonderful creatures ... all that and more you can find ... The children of some well-known ships also exist here, they study and practice to improve their skills and talents at the Digital Harmony institute. A place where everyone is treated equally and knows each other. Something like the institutes that we know ... curious truth ?. Would you like to decipher all the secrets that this institute hides? ... Dare to know it !. Yaoi, Yuri and Hetero.


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