147 Water Elemental Grass Fruit. Selling Stone Armor Ironstone

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In the runic base.

Klein entered the greenhouse.

In front of him, a very beautiful pale blue flower stood among a pile of flowers.

However, all the flowers paled in comparison to the pale blue flower.

"Is this the Water Elemental Grass? How beautiful."

Klein praised it from the bottom of his heart.

"Mr. Klein, you're back so soon?"

When Alu saw Klein enter, she immediately flew over and asked.

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Just now, she was immersed in the charm of the Water Elemental Grass. She was only interrupted when Klein arrived!

As for Lulu, she was still immersed in it, revealing an expression of infatuation.

"How beautiful. This is the Water Elemental Grass! I really want to spend my entire life looking at this flower and smelling its fragrance. I'm willing to do nothing at all."

Lulu drooled.

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