156 Three-Winged Bird! Who is the King of Speed?

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The 80th catacomb!

The resting place of the Three-Winged Bird.

The moment Klein stepped into the catacomb, he felt a strong gust of wind.

Anything that was slightly light would be blown away.

Thankfully, Klein's physical fitness was much stronger than before

Furthermore, Klein had dived in, so no matter how strong the wind was, Klein didn't panic.

Klein chose a direction and poked his head out of the ground.

He observed the location of the Three-Winged Bird.

The Three-Winged Bird was currently resting on a tree.

The tree was very large.

Klein observed carefully and realized that the wind came from the tree's hole!

'I wonder what's inside this tree hole?' Klein thought to himself.

However, Klein only thought for a moment before placing his gaze on the Three-Winged Bird.

The Three-Winged Bird looked different from ordinary birds.

Its head was slightly larger, and its body was about two meters tall.

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