70 Know the Secrets of the Catacombs World

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After the Gold-Digging Dwarf looked at the reputation trading card in Klein's hand, he suddenly had no intention of escaping.

The two sides began trading.

Klein used the roast meat as a bargaining chip again.

The process was similar to the last time.

This Gold-Digging Dwarf didn't have any good stuff on him.

Klein only exchanged five runes. 2 wind, 2 water, 1 earth.

And a special item.

The common language of the catacombs world!

It was a thick and unadorned book.

None of the words on it could be read.

It was like a distorted rune.

[The Common Language of the Catacombs World Rune Teaching Book: Created by an upright-walking crypt creature. It is suitable for most crypt creatures. After using it, one can immediately master the common language of the Catacombs World.]

Klein was holding the teaching book in his hands.

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