126 Is It Good? If It’s Good, You Can Trade With Me

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"Hello, passer-by. I'm Rachel from the Magma Mermaids."

It wasn't the two mermaids who had popped out. Instead, it came from the other side.

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Klein looked in the direction of the voice. The lava parted, revealing an exquisite face.

A human body and a fish tail!

His gaze focused.

He couldn't help but look down.

The lower half of his body did resemble a human, but it was completely different from a human.

Her skin was slightly red, and there were many translucent scales on her body.

The lower half of her body was indeed a fish tail.

There were some key parts.

It seemed to be a thick turtle shell.

It was unknown which type of fish was able to remain unmelted under the lava.

Even so, Klein still had a taste of it.

There was a great sense of exoticism in it.

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