121 Head to the Sixty-Second Catacomb!

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A notification appeared in front of Klein.

[Dig up, there's only a pile of bones.]

[Dig down, and you will see an Earth Dragon tomb. There are good things hidden in the private tomb. Stay outside the tomb and there won't be any danger. You can also search for an Iron Treasure Chest.]

[There are a lot of weeds in the back catacomb. Dig well and you will be able to dig out some wild fruits and an underground river that is about to dry up.]

[Dig to the right. A Werewolf troop is resting. They're carrying a batch of metals. If you rob them, you'll be able to harvest a batch of provisions.]

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After browsing through the four directions, Klein could confirm that the geomagnetic pulse had indeed changed last night.

The notifications in each direction had all changed.

"Earth Dragon tomb..."

Klein didn't think too much and found a spot to dig down.

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