1 Diffusion

It's autumn, we're upon the equinox, but the days are still warm. Summer struggles to let go but its power is waning. Nights are cold and waking up there's a definite chill in the air. It's barely 7 in the morning and the sun is still low. Throughout the trees it casts long shadows as whatever rays touch the soil flurries of condensation evaporate. As this continues and the sun slowly rises, a white mist forms and scatters the sun's light everywhere.

I get ready to go to work while the sun works to build more of this mist. Rising quickly, the blue sky grows ever whiter. The shape of the sun disappears and is reduced to a gradient of brightly white to simply white.

Getting in my car and driving away, the white mist is comforting me with its warm and gentle glow. It's a blanket that surrounds me. The car itself feels lighter, the ride more gentle and it operates almost automatically. The white mist is magnetic and my focus fades towards this white mist. The more I focus on it, the lighter I feel myself. I keep on driving, but this transforms into a feeling of gliding. While I still definitely feel the forward motion, it's just that sensation, the white mist obstructs any sensation of place. I take a right turn, then a left, the force of the turn gently pushing me sideways the only indication that anything is happening.

The white mist beckons me as I feel as though I'm just moving upward. Floating through the mist, rising towards what I still presume is the sun's glow. The glow is warm, as the sensation of motion on my skin fades and is replaced with just this warmth, I can no longer distinguish where I end and the white mist starts. The same heat fills my lungs and I feel as though I no longer need to breathe. Slowly the sensation of motion dissipates too. All I see is that white glow, mesmerizing me. Thoughts of the road, work, they fade away. There is only room in my mind for this warm glow. This gentle warm glow.

All of a sudden the warm white glow is torn away and I gasp for air as I turn my car off. I've arrived, I'm in the parking garage. I'm cold and shivering. I panic and start coughing as I struggle to find air. Gasping again the cold air rushes into my lungs. I feel lost and alone. I look around and the parking garage feels alien to me, I struggle to find my bearings and unsure whether I should be here to begin with. Mourning the loss of the moment.