1 A Beautiful Dream

That night when Beatriz slept, her dreams so vivid. She knew it was a dream though. She wanderes through rooms of color and strange objects. Until she got to the last room, where dozens of men stood singing, but there was one voice she heard amongst the rest, A deep, Mesmerising voice. She knew who it belonged to.

She followed the voice to a man named Taehyung an idol of hers. She climbed the columns until she got to him, and when she got there she watched him, he looked at her and smiled. It was like he was really there, so through this fake sense of realism, she huggwd him from the back and he jumped, he stopped singing for a split second but he sang again more beautifully than before.

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She reached her hand out and he clasped hers, the warmth from his hand tingled through hers.. they stood there for a few minutes until she woke up. The warmth still spread across her hand.


Taehyung woke up peacefully, his dream was a wonder. In this dream he stood alone, until a girl showed up, then the room lit and many others stood among him, they all started singing, he sang to, but he was aiming for the girls attention. She noticed him, he watched as her eyes skimmed the rows for him, when her dropped onto him. He saw her smile as she mouthed his name "Taehyung." She climbed each row as fast as she could to reach him.

When she got there he looked and smiled, she seemed so real. She wwnt behind him and jumped to hug hm from behind, he was surprised. Next she held out hwr hand to him. He took it, her small hand intangled with his, he felt her smilw from behind and he smiled to. Then he woke up.