1 New School Year

A deafening noise can be heard through the walls in Shen Xinyi's bedroom. Flattering her eyes open, she realized that it was her first day of High School at Harrison High University.

She clumsily jumped out from her bed, tripped on a blanket, and fell off face-first on the floor.


However, instead of an ordinary person expressing the pain, she bolted her way towards the bathroom as if nothing happened.

*Knock Knock* A loud sound coming from the bathroom door echoed in Shen Xinyi's ear.

"Xinyi, open the damn door. I need to take a shower."

"No way, Fin, I need to take a damp." another voice joined in.

"I'm older than you."

"What do you mean older? You're only older for about 3 minutes."


"Has anybody seen the hairbrush?"

"Mom, is my uniform ironed?"


In the Shen Family's house, there are only two bathrooms. One is in the master bedroom which is off limits while the other is across Shen Xinyi's bedroom.

The reason why Shen Xinyi bolted her way like her life was at stake was because she has 5 siblings and occupying the bathroom first is sort of an accomplishment.

Inside the bathroom, Shen Xinyi ignored all the noises and stared at her reflection from the big rectangular mirror. In front of her has a messy dark brown hair that hangs on her waist. A baby face with almond brown eyes, straight nose with a hint of red from the fall that transition a minute ago, a rosy cheeks with visible dimple and a plump lips.

She's considered to be the most beautiful next to the goddess in her school but her expressions makes her unapproachable and mean. So people tends to avoid her and only look from afar. People would start to gossip on how a snub she was. Little did they know, Xinyi doesn't care one bit because having a family is enough to show her sincerity.

She brushed her hair and did her business in the shower then put on her uniform. Her uniform consist of a blue ribbon that hangs around the collar, a dark blue skirt mid thigh with a pair of knee socks.

Twisting the knob open, a full force pushed her out the bathroom causing her to bump her back on the doorknob.

There she saw two teenage boys pushing each other. Both were pulling each others shirt trying to dash towards the bathroom. The younger boy was much faster but the older one however was much stronger and pushed the boy out the door and slammed it shut.

"Fin! I stepped on the tiles first"

"But I arrived first" Fin retorted.

Axel looked at Xinyi pleading her to intervene.

Xinyi love her siblings unconditionally and she can't help but spoil them.

"Go take a damp upstairs and I won't say anything" Xinyi ruffled his hair and walked towards the kitchen.

Axel knew that Xinyi would help him out. He always rely on her sister and she has never let him down.

Axel was over the moon that her sister loves him dearly.

He went upstairs acting like a ninja and finally took his damp.


"No fighting in the kitchen!"

"Axel started it"

"What? No I didn't, mom I swear Benadetta always blames me for something I didn't commit"

"Be quiet and eat your breakfast" A deep firm voice silence the table.

"Ha! Dad says eat your breakfast." Benadetta's twin tried to mock Axel for going against her twin.

"You too Belinda" Their dad says trying to show that there was no favoritism in his house.

When Axel heard what his dad says, his mood lighten and tried to hold off his laughter.

Belinda sticks out her tongue and proceeds to eat her breakfast.

Shen Xinyi ate in silence while feeding her baby brother who is 6 months old.

One by one, everybody started to put their dishes away and getting ready to leave.

Xinyi gave the baby to her mother and proceeds to push her way through the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

Everybody then started to head out, Xinyi followed behind and bid goodbye to her parents.

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