1 Broken Pieces

But in reality they don't understand what kind of hell I have gone through…..

To see someone die in front of you

not just anyone, but a mother who lose her child in front of her eyes….

Like the cinema they pay to watch movies

but they don't realize….

That her falling tears turned to a swimming pool!!!

HOW can they sit and ask, and make it seem like everything is cool

such a fool

Did they not know that instead of rain, it was dropping gun shots over our head.

When I was young I couldn't even go to bed

because I was scared for my life that it would end .

Americans mission was there to help

but instead they kill the innocent and painted us as we did our own hell!!

Then they go back to their country and get called heros?

But in reality they are the true villain

Of course if you are smart then you would know that the message is hidden

freedom from our home country have been forbidden

we can't even dream or have our own vision

DIE or ESCAPE out of the country was the decision...

Sacrifice everything just to survive, I

left everything behind…

BUT even that was not enough in their eyes….

They judge us and don't even give us our rights

but that does not break us!!!

Because even on our darkest days we still manage to RISE!!!

The only true solution to these problem is to put our guns down…..

These actions needs to stop right now because in the end of the day freedom takes the CROWN!!!

I will not give anyone a chance to put me down.

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