Didn't I say make me famous in my next life? Book

novel - Fantasy

Didn't I say make me famous in my next life?


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Luca Yashima, an introverted 18-year-old teenage boy who dreamt of being an “IDOL” when he was a child despite his social condition. Following his ticket flying through the air, a speeding truck suddenly appears around the corner, meeting his demise. With the help of a lesser god who lost a bet from Apollo, he was offered to be reincarnated to a parallel world. A world where music is banned, a world full of chaos and misery. To avoid things going the same way as his past life, he vowed that he will do everything to live his new life, enjoy music & become an idol that he always dreamt of in exchange for a wish—a wish that will help him, a wish that will bring rhythm to that world. Only to found himself stuck on a cycle of failures and misfortunes after his revival. On his quest, he meets a carefree commoner who brings joy to everyone he encounters, a notorious general who has a soft spot for weak and feeble, and a crowned solemn indecisive prince who mourns and hates music. This, however, ends up having unexpected consequences and leap to his dream to become famous.


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