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Read ‘DIBALIK SEBUAH HATI’ Online for Free, written by the author Fitri_Hermanela, This book is a Romantis Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Eternal Quintessence

A world of magic with limitless possibilities, full of adventures, where every day is another story. This world is occupied of people with Quintessence or Quints. These people with Quints are people who are blessed with the spirits of Beasts that gives them their soul and changes them to be like beasts. But they are not born with Quints, they born as Bereft or also known as people without souls. They will only have Quints when they turn 16 during a ceremony. The beasts choose who to bless, these people have no control to how to have them and have no influence on them. Ayesha is a girl who lived in a forest and was nurtured by the beasts in the forest. When she was young, she and her parents met a terrible accident that killed both of her parents, while she miraculously lives. She was found by one of the beasts crying in the middle of the forest, with her parents on her side drenching in blood. After that day, the beasts took good care of her. They helped her and guided her. On her 16th birthday, she wanted to leave the forest to see and explore the whole world. Since there are no Quints and Berefts near her, she didn't get the chance to have a ceremony, which she has no idea that she has to. Before her journey, every beast in the forest blesses her as she left and explore. When she arrived in a town a lot of things happened, which got her the chance to get help from the mayor to have her attend a ceremony. After the ceremony, the result shows that she didn't have a single Quint, she didn't know that her Quint has the power to turn to any other Quints. What is this power that she has? Will Ayesha be able to control this power? And what other challenges will she face with her new powerful Quint?

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System der Sünde: Dämonischer Harem nach der Reinkarnation

Als er wiedergeboren wurde und zwei Schönheiten auf seinem Schoß vorfand, fand Jake heraus, dass er ein Dämonenbaron ohne Blutlinie war. Aus der Hölle in die Menschenwelt verbannt, blieb Jake mit einem kleinen Kerker und seinen zwei Dienern zurück, die fast keine Monster unter sich hatten. Gerade als er dachte, dass die Dinge nicht gut für ihn waren, hörte er plötzlich eine weibliche Stimme in seinem Kopf. [Ding! Willkommen im Sünden-System.] [Bitte drehen Sie das Sünder-Roulette, um Ihre erste Sünde freizuschalten.] "Das ist..." Als Jake instinktiv die dunkle Scheibe berührte, die in sein Blickfeld kam, begann sie sich zu drehen und stoppte fünf Sekunden später. Er hörte wieder die Stimme des Systems. [Ding! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, du hast die Sünde der Lust entschlüsselt.] - - - Zusätzliche Tags: Evil Mc - Intelligent Mc - Shameless Mc - Scheming Mc - Smut - No Yuri - No NTR - But Contains Netori - Legal Loli - Succubus - Elf - Angel - Vampire - Cat Girls - Dragon Girls - Fox Girls - Monster Girls - Slaves - Milf - Princess - Beautiful - YANDERE - Seinen - Mature - R18 - 18 - Sexgeschichten - Bestialität - Hentai - NSFW - Schwangerschaft - Inzest - Dominanzspiel - Kontrolle der Emotionen - Manipulation der Blutlinie - Korrumpieren rechtschaffener Charaktere - Sünden - Gore - Seelenwanderung - Mana - Teufel - Dämon - Nekromant - Tod - Dungeon - Evolution - ー ー Warnung: Bitte lesen Sie dies mit Bedacht. Als Autor empfehle ich dir, dies NICHT deinen Kindern zu zeigen. Wenn Sie ein weiches Herz haben, schlagen Sie dieses Buch nicht auf.

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Bride's Grudge

Radella Amadeus Yori was only number two in the family. All the attention was on Jessica Yori-her parents' favorite sister. She became the savior of her parents' pride by replacing her as a replacement bride. Her happiness is again disturbed when her sister reappears and wants to snatch Dominic Toretto from her life. In the end, Radella had to let her marriage fall apart after Jessica claimed to be pregnant with her husband's child. Disappointed, she decided to leave and seek happiness in solitude. Until finally she found peace in a man who was able to make her laugh without a sense of burden. However, another trial came when her sister again wanted to destroy her happiness. Not only did Radella have to lose her happiness just to save the family name. However, she also had to mentally prepare for when her boyfriend eventually found out about the marriage and was hurt. She had to experience all kinds of problems after marrying a man who was supposed to be her brother-in-law. Not to mention, Dominic, who thinks he is being played by Jessica, and thinks Radella's parents actually know the departure of her first child. He takes out his heartache on Radella and makes the girl live like hell. However, in the end he falls in love and doesn't want to lose her. Radella's inner turmoil when Jessica returns and does not accept the marriage between Dominic Toretto and her. She considers Radella a traitor and uses her departure to snatch Dominic. Jessica does everything she can to get him back, including confessing her pregnancy to make Radella and Dominic's marriage run aground. Unfortunately, the older sister who was supposed to defend her wanted her dead. Jessica chooses to collaborate with several people to eliminate her by making her have a single accident until the car she is traveling in goes into a ravine. However, God still protected her. Radella was saved by someone who would eventually help her avenge Jesica's crimes against her. Radella chooses to change her accident-damaged face and starts learning business with a cold and ambitious man. She will reclaim what her sister took from her in her own way. Even though she has to put aside the feelings of longing that are sometimes still present.

Black_Roz · Urban
Not enough ratings
146 Chs
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