Diary of Tiwbob Noelle Weirdson Book

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Diary of Tiwbob Noelle Weirdson


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Hi I Tiwbob writing on back of the book. I not real. I made up by Writer_JJ and friends. I write about we because I the center of the universe. Wy older sisters Bob and Tiw say I'm crazy. So did the doctor who is also grandpa Nini. Wy little sister Herald thinks I'w crazy too but wy little brother Shyrl doesn't. Though they say he's crazy too... Also I think u wonder y I don't write the letter m, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry that scared we. I will replace it with a upside down m, AHHHHHHHHH, or a n for my grandma's name because Tiw said a w would not be nice. Now read wy book pretty please with cherries on top.


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