Diary of a Reincarnated Rich Lady (B) Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Diary of a Reincarnated Rich Lady (B)


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When daughter of the richest and most innovative man of the technology industry dies unexpectedly, she is visited by a spirit. The spirit reincarnates her, leading to her being reborn as a noble's daughter, and having life easy again. However, in a world where magic is still unpredictable, strange, and even feared, a happy ending is hardly ever in sight. For unknown reasons, her father is betrayed and his fiefdom is attacked. She escapes with only her familiar. In a moment of desperation, Adelynn accepts an invitation to the world's most dangerous survival game. Every contestant is thrown into the arena and bets are placed with every system granted. As a person spoiled rotten in both her first and second life, never having to thrive through injustice or struggle to make a living, how will Adelynn survive? Well, perhaps the system granted to her will help... - Written by Aspen. This account also belongs to Aspen.


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