1 Previous Life

Donald was a boy of 14 who loved to play all sorts of sports, from basketball, to football and even baseball. However, he never was very good at one particular sport, due to lack of commitment he thought.

He eventually joined the school baseball team as a bench warmer as another player had got injured that year. His school team was one of the worst in the region and he never got much playing time either, due to lack of coaching experience of the math teacher.

Donald felt depressed and started lacking the motivation and love he had for sports. However, soon he encountered the anime Diamond no Ace, which gave him all the confidence he needed. He realized hard work would help him realize his dreams.

Despite not getting playing time, John started getting serious about baseball and left the other sports he used to play. For months he would swing his bat and studied the art of pitching, as it was his dream to be the ace pitcher as well as a respectable batter.

Then one day, John one of his best friends told him that he would be starting as a pitcher in a game versus one of the best in the region.

John was elated and felt this would also raise his social standing in school, as currently he was rather unknown and was not very popular. He knew this was also an opportunity to get closer to the girl he liked.


Umpire: Start game!

Donald was extremely nervous standing on the mound, as there were quite the number of spectators in the crowd. He tried to calm himself and threw the first pitch of the game low and outside, where the catcher wanted it. Unfortunately, his control was a bit off, and the it was called a ball. After another ball, he dug deep and found his pitching rhythm, not allowing a hit or run in the first inning.

Donald batting skills had improved during his training and he was promoted to second at bat. At the bottom of the first innings, he came out after the lead off batter got struck out. The pitcher was one of the best of the region.

Donald took a deep breath and what happened next would shock people all around the US. A stray fork-ball smashed Donald in the face, killing him in the process.

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