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About Lead Characters: Niya is a girl of 18 who was very cheerful until she knows about her own truth that it is her 2nd life. That means she is reborn. Her family love her but sometimes they curse her why God has created such a fool and immature girl like her. No one knows accept her that she is reincarnated and she was broken inside . Jack is a guy of 26 , who achieved a lot in his young age .He is a CEO and holding business empire in England. He is very attractive and handsome , in simple language he is a playboy. Many girls and even many English actress were crazy after him. His personal and professional life was completely different. Everybody knows about his professional life but no one knows about his personal life . No one knows actually who and what he is, what he eats and what he drinks? ***Dialogue*** Niya , Please open the door- Jack requested Niya . No....Y-You might kill me- Niya said in meek and terrified voice. Please..... open the door Niya- Jack again said to her. Do y-you know ...... you are a m-monster - Niya said in trembling voice. Y-You are a bad monster Jack - said Niya. ***Dialogue ends*** Seeing Niya's blood Jack lose all his control on himself. He suddenly come near her bite her neck and suck the blood . She used all her strength to push him until he fall on ground. She ran into their bedroom and locked it from inside. When Jack requested her to come out of the room . She replied him in trembling voice that he is a bad monster he might kill her when she will come out of their room.She don't know before that he is a vampire even no one knows about his this truth. A lover from past life has reincarnated and recalled everything related to her past..........She never expected who she love so dearly from her past life is actually a monster. Will she fall for her despite knowing that her love is a vampire. Does he knows that he is also reincarnated ?Will she able to meet him?Will he love her ?Will she love him after knowing his truth? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear readers, This is a story based on vampire and human love story . Let's found out each and everyone's truth in this novel. Let's solve answer of every question. **** I know you all have lot have lot of questions in your mind. So, read it to find every question's answer.**** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editing and Unloading - Ongoing Please support me and my novel. ~Edited by me and my author sisters ~ **Discord-- #kooshi 6843** Dear readers, you can ask me about the story here(Discord).


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