1 Betrayal

I want to get reborn and revenge to all humans. I hate them!


I was in the forest where I lived. I'm finding some food inside the forest. My father said the Giant King said that we giants are forbidden to go on the Human Town because it was dangerous. I was the strongest giant but, I can't betray the king. My father is the friend of the previous king and then, the previous king leave the throne to his son. The past king's son is my childhood friend but, now after he became a king we are now far from each. For short we only like a warrior and king.

After I found a food I return to the cave in the north. While I was eating, I spotted a human and he saw me.

Human's POV

I'm exploring the forest because, I want to. This place is the peaceful for me. I remembered the word that my sister said to me yesterday.

"Hey, are you sure you're going to forest tomorrow?" then she continue to eat breakfast

"huh? How did you know?" I give her a confused face while reading my favorite novel on the bed.

"what do I mean? You say.. I overheared your conversation yesterday with your friend."


"fuck." I suddenly broke the page of the novel I read.

"I see. So what's the point if you overheared the conversation." I fix the page then continue reading.

"I mean why are going in such a dangerous place?"

"dangerous? I heared it was peaceful."

She laughs

"why are you laughing?"

"haha, I'm sorry I just remember that you're only spending your time reading a novel."

"So what? By the way, what do you mean by dangerous?"

"Oh! There was a rumor spreading that there are giants on the forest."

"what? That's just a rumor"

"even if it was a rumor you need to be extra careful."

"Fine, I understand"

Then she stands on her seat and wash the dishes.

I remembered all of that. I don't care if the rumor is true or not. If I encounter one giant I'm gonna beat him to death haha.

After a minute of walking I heard a strange sound coming towards the cave. I follow the sound and then I see a giant eating a raw meat.

Dexzus POV

I saw a human coming towards me while I was eating so I greet him.


The human is shaking maybe because, I'm a giant who can kill and eat one human instantly.

"don't be scared! I'm a friendly giant. I'm not gonna eat you or anything."

"a..are you sure?" the human said while he was shaking.

Human's POV

I'm very scared because, the giant I encountered is bigger than I read on the novel. My body is shaking and I can't move, I can't even speak properly.

The giant is atleast 25 meter tall, he have a black beard and black eye. His face is covered with a hair. His have no cloth. He have a big tummy and his short is brown.

How can I beat him if he was like this. Compared to a novel I read from one of my neighbors. The protagonist and heroine defeat a giant instantly without using any magic or power.

"ah eh.... Wh.. Who are you." I said to him

The giant stand so I suddenly seat with a scaredy face.

"I'm Dexzus the strongest giant of Heckazis."

'Stro... Strongest?' so he is the strongest.

"H..hello nice to meet you I'm Kerr from the Kwile Village near this forest."

"I see, Nice to meet you too." he reply

Then he return to his previous position and continue eating.

"By the way, Dexzus the strongest giant. Where is your giant friends? Are you alone here?"

"Dexzus is fine. And for your question my answer is the other giants is on the west so I'm alone here."

"w.. Why are alone did you get kick out?" and then I stand from sitting and walk near him.

"No I was the one who leave the west Heckazis due to I don't want the environment and it's very noisy."

"I see, then I can be your friend!" I give a thumbs up.

"alright, thanks Kerr the human." he give me a smile expression

"HAHA, Kerr is fine."

Dexzus POV

Everyday we always talk. He reads a novel loudly and I was listening. He teach me how to cook a pork and other foods. We are eating and always laughing.

Until one day...


I heard a big explosion outside while I was sleeping so I check it.

I saw a hundred of humans with swords and knives. They have dynamite too.

"Hey you fucking monster. We will kill you." "you shitty monster you need to die."

"What's going on?"

Until I saw Kerr hiding in the back of the female human.

"K.. Kerr what's happening?" I ask

"Yo.. You fucking monster.. You threaten me to go here everyday because If I don't you'll destroy the village and your hurting me. Making me a slave of yours."

"What? What do you mean? We are friends right?"

"what? Friends? We're not friends. You threaten me you monster!" then he secretly smile at me

"w...wait? How dare you betray me Kerr? I didn't threaten you or hurt you. Don't accused me!"

"P.. Please kill him now, he will hurt you all!"

"yeah! Kill him!" "that monster is a trash!"

A hundred of archer shot me. I suddenly feel dizzy. And then I

lost my conciousness and died...

And now I'm on a dark place...

"where am I?"

"I can't move"

"I see, so this is death huh? I wish I can have a revenge."

"I wish I have a second chance."

"I wish...."












-End of Chapter 1-

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