1 Chapter 1 Leave a Seed to Go

Xiao Yan!"Meridian Opening Realm Stage 3!"

As the head teacher shouted, all the students looked at Xiao Yan with envy.

You think he's the main character?

Qiu Lingfeng, who was sitting at the back of the classroom, silently shed tears.

Three days ago, he, who was still making his way through the net, miraculously teleported to this world where spirit energy was revived.

Spirit energy was revived, and everything in the world could be cultivated.

Humans were naturally no exception. They had awakened martial artists to contend against the increasingly powerful magical beasts.

However, the number of fighters was extremely rare.

Even among the hundred people, it was difficult for a fighter to appear.

Qiu Lingfeng's predecessor was the same. An ordinary person did not have the qualifications to awaken to become a warrior.

It was not just him. Most of the students in the class were the same.

In this world's high schools, everyone hoped that one day, they would awaken and become martial artists. However, the chances were too low.

Xiao Yan was very lucky to be one of them.

Moreover, his talent wasn't bad. He was 18 years old and was at the Meridian Opening Stage 3.

In this small Shouxing Village, there was almost no second genius who could contend with him.

"Tomorrow, you will be going out to patrol with the village patrol team. The five of you will form a free team."

The head teacher expressionlessly said," This is your last chance to awaken and become a martial artist. Some seniors have done some research, and when human race is facing a life and death crisis, the chance of awakening and becoming a martial artist is even greater."

Even though the head teacher said so, the faces of the students were filled with fear.

After all...

If they went out with the patrol team, they would lose their lives.

If he was lucky, it was not impossible for him to have a permanent disability.

Only a small portion of people could awaken into martial artists at a critical moment.

Because most of the people who failed died outside.

Even if they were to return to the village, they would only be able to do some low-level jobs to earn a living.


After the head teacher finished speaking, he left the classroom.

Instantly, the only three people in the class who had awakened to become martial artists became popular.

If they formed a team with these three, their chances of surviving would be even higher!

Qiu Lingfeng looked at the messy classroom and leaned back helplessly.


Qiu Lingfeng fell to the ground.


He had forgotten that the chair here had no back!

"Ling Feng, why don' t you go with me tomorrow?"

A dark-skinned dwarf walked over and said to Qiu Lingfeng.

There were three people behind the little dwarf, one woman and two men.


Qiu Lingfeng naturally would not refuse.

The shorty in front of him was called Zhang Yue, one of the three warriors.

However, this kid was lucky enough to awaken a few days ago.

Now, he was only at the Meridian Opening Realm, which had the lowest cultivation.

However, compared to the ordinary students who had no cultivation, they were incredibly powerful.

"What kind of attitude is that? If Brother Yue hadn' t wanted you to come in, you wouldn' t even know who you' d be joining!"

The girl behind Zhang Yue frowned and said discontentedly.

This girl's name was Wang Min, and she had a beauty of 60%. She was pretty, but her attitude was really unruly.

"Min, stop talking."

Zhang Yuehua said awkwardly.

He had liked Wang Min a long time ago. He also knew that if he had not awakened to become a Martial Artist, Wang Min would have ignored him just like before.

Therefore, he understood that it was not easy for him to be with Min Wang.

"Ling Feng, I' m sorry."

Zhang Yue smiled at Qiu Ling Feng in embarrassment.

"It's fine."

Qiu Lingfeng got up from the ground, patted the dust on his body, and shook his head.

All he was thinking about was how to survive tomorrow.

Although he had transmigrated here, Qiu Lingfeng knew how dangerous this world was during these three days.

Especially an ordinary person without any cultivation.

Going out with the patrol team was a life and death experience!

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