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[Desolate] a world where strong prey's the weak, a world where magic and monsters, Gods, Evils and humans exists.. A world that science can't explain... And then a phenomenon that science can't explain and no one expected! Every household on Earth receive a message where a random member of the family will be chosen as the participant to explore the world [Desolate]! They will be called [ADVENTURES]! Those who loves adventures, love survivals and lunatics are jumping in joy and praying that they will be chosen! But... Those who are single ( in short orphan, living on his/her own) are in despair, shock, trembling ( either excited or frightened).. They don't have a choice! Including our protagonist who only know how to play games all-day.. how he survive? =================================== P.S this book is for fun Only, it may be stop midway or no fix time updates.... I only love reading and drawing, but writing a story is not actually a good idea, but I'll try my best just to improve my English bros.. Although my imagination is slightly better, but it is just for drawings not for writing a story.. Ahahah.. maybe you'll be disappointed or even hate my book, I'm already saying this so that you'll be ready.. Sorry about my English, I'm not good at it. And sorry for my sentences, spacing, and not right of use of signs like ( . ! ? , " ' : ; ) Actually i don't have a definite or planned plots and ending or storyline.. So I'm just writing what's come in my mind.. Btw it's a system based, and I'm am straight forward person, so expect that the system is a straight forward one , and I'm not good at MATH!! And I don't have a naming sense! Ahah just reco some pls.. =====================================

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Kingdoms and continents


All participants were all randomly teleported to the kingdoms under humanities control.

John slowly opened his eyes and he started to observe the place he where in. He and other participants where in a huge plaza that look like a medieval plaza style.

In the side of the spacious plaza where the officials of the kingdom they where in was discussing in low voices.

John tried to find if someone he knew is also teleported in the same kingdom as him, but sadly he doesn't find any. It seems that he and his friends are unfortunately in a different kingdoms.

John was surprised that all the participants where unexpectedly all silent and in dazed like they where reading or comprehending something.

John silent for a moment then..

'Open interface'

[Ding.. showing interface..]

[Host status][inventory][skills][earth chat][continent chat][family chat][friends][shop][trades][money]

'hmm.. more options huh..'

Then John open his inventory.


( I won't list everything instead I'll list in a organized style)

•unknown cube, clothes, foods (canned and not), book of information (new)....


'eh.. book of information? '

[Book of information]

[Type: Book]

[Description : a gift from Saint Sion, it has the knowledge about the continents of the world desolate.

It can directly send all the contents of the book in the users mind, so the user will be in dazed for a minute.]


'oh.. so that's why they are all strangely silent..'

John felt like he was an idiot.

(P.S I love OP protagonist and straight forward systems with no conditions needed 🥴[ just informing you all so that you won't be disappoint when the time comes.] ✌️)

'hmm.. use directly'

Before the book is use something pops up in the interface John and others.

[Ding... Detected that all participants where teleported in the kingdoms.. 5 minutes later all participants will awaken their talents and then can choose what profession (class) they will embarked to.]

'talent?.. wish me good luck..'

John thought and then suddenly his mind turned blank then series of information suddenly flooded is mind about the desolate.

There are numerous continents in desolate, but there are only 5 super continents, they where Stellaris, Twin Star, Devil, Holy and Kraken.


[Stellaris continent]: it has numerous kingdoms mostly from human it was a continent where haman reign supreme. It has 3 forbidden places [Dark forest](monsters den), [frozen Mountain]( an extremely cold place ) and [ Burning palace]( mountain full of volcanoes and flowing lavas and fire monsty).

[Twin star continent]: a continent that was cut in half, monster kingdoms reign on the other side, humans and other race are in the other side! It also has forbidden places..

[Devil continent]: a continent that ruled by the devils, and dark creatures.

[Holy continent]: ruled by winged race, light type monsters, and some humans..

[Kraken continent]: holy land of monster race, ancient beasts and mythical creatures!.

Human currency: Gold, silver, copper ( 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold.)

Other race currency : monster cores ( value depends on grades)


'hmm.. so the continent where the kingdom I am in was in Twin star continent.. eh.. a slight bad luck huh..'

John was in a place where monster or other race invasion can happen anytime. So he was slightly stunned.



Someone suddenly cough to gain everyone's attention.

It was a man with a crown on his head, he is the emperor of the empire they where in.

Klent the 10'th emperor of the floating cloud empire, one of the 50 human empire in the twin star.

"Welcome fellow humans to my floating cloud empire, it is the blessing to us and to the people to have you adventures summoned by the 'Supreme' to be here... You all are currently in our empire's plaza that was in the floating island.. my floating cloud empire was built in this floating islands in the sky but...

Our empire is also be considered a wall, a defense line.. we are situated at the border of the abyss..

Abyss was the ravine that make this land become twin star.."

Klent smiled before continues.

"Hmm.. I'll let my subordinates to let you all familiarize yourselves in the surroundings and makings in the kingdom.."

Kent smile before leaving with the high level officials.

**(Kaka.. don't know what I'm doing exactly!! Don't know what is the bearing of a king.. and what dialog I should write.. forgive me...it was my first. )**

'there still 3 minutes before awakening.. I should peek at the chats first..'

John count the time in his mind and made a decision.

He looked around and found some participants where already familiarizing themselves with some officials or soldiers.

Some are like him exploring the interface.

**Note: interface was an assisting system for participants, it is make the humans adjust.. because digitalization makes the humans get things easily.. it was also a materialization of the power of 'Supreme' to assist humans, it makes things easier for humans. (,exp, learn skill easily, upgrade skills, inventory, chats, status, inspection and description)**

'hmm I should first open the family chat'

[Ding... Connecting to earth...]

[Ding.. connection stablish..]

[Family chat]

[ Ding.. currently you can only send one message per day..]

[ Mom: hey son how are you? I didn't expect that we can still message you.. hopefully 'supreme' still has some consideration..

Dad: son, what's desolate look like? Are you ok?



John: ahh.. Mom, Dad, sisters I'm fine here.. look I'm in a floating island..*screenshot.. and don't worry about me I'll be fine..

**note: participants where able to do screenshot and record or even live stream of what the see.**

After sending the message John close and family chat and access the chat for continent.

[Continent chat]

"Damn!! I was in the kingdom where in the border!!!"

"Hehe.. I am at the central kingdom *smirk emoji"

"Oh no.. I just see a wolf type monsters that as big as the SUV on earth.. fuck..."

"I wonder what talent I'll be able to awaken..."

"Person above I also thinking about that.."




Looking at the chat and back reading for some time, John sigh he doesn't find his friends name or chat. Either they where not on the same continent or they just don't like to be a busybody on the chat like him, he also don't like to be a busybody.

Counting the time it almost the awakening, so John walk outside of the plaza and see a busy street..

"Hmm.. like a medieval design I found on the internet huh.., like the animes I watch.."

John said while walking, he felt like he was instead transmigrate to the past.

John check his money, it was 1000 gold and it was a small gift from the emperor.

'hmm.. it should be the time..'

Checking the time that was almost the time of awakening, John goes back to his room in the side of the plaza.

**note: the emperor let the participants stay on the houses in the side of the plaza.. emperor's palace was on the other floating island. Floating island was stationary and just floating above the other citie that was on the ground.. there was a short teleportation device in every island and the ground below.. powered by a high level monster cores and special elemental stones to operate.**

John sat on the chair beside the window of his room and eagerly waiting to awaked his talent.

Obviously he was expecting something good and he was nervous.

Moments later...

[Ding.... Every participants are awarded with special title [ADVENTURER] as a gift..]


[Type: title]

[• having this title means you are the representative of the 'Supreme', a special identity.

• the native human of this world will show respect to you. Only normal mortal.]

'hmm it's good . It was even automatically equip..'

[Ding.... Awakening talent...]

Before John appreciate the title, awakening starting....

[ Awakening... 0%... 2%....]


don't know if someone is reading this..

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