1 Prologue - Death and Transfer

Dante is standing on a platform with his girlfriend just behind the safety line when his girlfriend asks "Hey do you want a drink from the vending machine?"

"No i'm fine." I say to her while looking down the tracks while waiting for the train.

"Ok then i'll be back soon." she says with a smile that looks almost evil. Dante oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend had that smile on her face kept looking down the track waiting for the train to arrive. A few minutes later Dante hears the overhead speaker { The train arriving on platform 2 will arrive in approximately 2 minutes please stand behind the yellow safety line until the train has stopped. } "finally I don't have to stand in this flamin' heat." I say with a relieved expression on my face. As I continue to look down the tracks I see a small train approaching me at a slow pace but as I keep watching it gets increasingly closer until I feel an unknown force on my back pushing me forward onto the tracks. When I land on the tracks I see that my legs are broken, I then look towards the platform and see a crowd of shocked people the only person I see not shocked is my girlfriend her expression tells me that she is extremely exited and happy to see me on the tracks about to die. "that bit-." that was the last thing I could say before the train that weighs 5,000 tonnes hits me.

As Dante opens his eyes or what he thinks are his eyes he sees a large wooden desk that was piled up with towers and towers of paper folders.. A male was sitting on a leather chair which looked like a demon with long ram-like horns with a models face and slightly reddish skin, he looked up from the folder he was reading and said after he saw me "Ah, I didn't see you there, you seem to be here sooner than you are supposed to be." he said looking frustrated, I keep silent because i'm not sure how to respond. he sighs and asks "Name."

"Dante Matthews." I respond

"age." he asks

"16." I respond

"alright Dante since you are not meant to be here yet i'll give you three choices, Choice one go to heaven and be forever peaceful, choice two go to hell and be tortured eternally or choice three go to a different world to your own where having supernatural abilities are normal." he says "Now choose."

After thinking it over for a few minutes I decided " i'll choose option three because it sounds the most fun to me." I say confidently

" Alright then it's time to see what ability you get." as he said that a giant wheel that had a bunch of abilities from [ Sweeping ] to [ Immortality] on it appeared.

" Spin it." he says to me as he walks up to the wheel.

" Ok." I say as I walk up to the wheel, when I reach the wheel I grab onto one of the handles and spin it as hard as I can. it spins for a while before it lands on a the tile that says [ Dual ] "What does that mean." I ask the demon.

" It means that you can have two abilities from the wheel instead of only one." he says to me

" That's interesting" I say with a pleased expression. I spin again and it landed on an ability called [ Hardened Organs ], I asked the demon what that ability does but he would't tell me no matter how much I asked. Feeling dejected I once again span for the wheel for the third time and this time it landed on an ability called [ Devour ]. Again he wouldn't tell me no matter how much I asked so eventually I stopped asking. " Ok that should just about wrap things up you just have to select your race."

" What?" I say enthusiastically " I get to choose what race I become?"

" Yes." the demon said indifferently

" What are my choices." just as I ask that a slightly transparent window appears.

[ Please Choose a Race Percentage ]

[ Elf ]

[ Dwarf ]

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[ Human ]

[ Dragonkin ]

[ Demon ]

" What perfect timing." I say as skim through the abilities of each race and chose these two races.

[Elven Racial Abilities

Telepathy: Mind communication with those with an intelligence over 50.

One with Nature: 20% increase in all stats and attributes while in a forest or near a large group of trees.]

[Dwarven Racial abilities

Deft Hands:+20% Dexterity and Strength when using hands

Strong Constitution:+50% to Vitality and Minor Poison Resistance]

[Human Racial abilities

Appraisal: Gain information on a person or an object. amount of information depends on skills level

Sense Danger: Sense any malicious intent within ten metres]

[Dragonkin Racial Abilities

Fire Eater: Gain experience, health or mana by eating fire

Fly: Use mana to form wings and fly through the air. Speed depends on Intelligence stat]

[Demonic Racial Abilities

Regeneration: heals 15 HP a minute.

Minor Shape-shifting: can make slight differences in appearance.]

After I chose to be a half Elf and half Demon the man says " All done?"

" Yeah I guess." I say back to him

the demon walks up to the desk and opens a thin folder, grabs a stamp and slams it on the folder the sound of the stamp resounds throughout the entire space before I feel a feeling of separating and floating away.

After I had dissipated one could hear a maniacal laughter that makes ones skin crawl

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