4 Chapter 3 - The Guild

After a slow and quiet journey in the carriage Dante can see a line of people waiting to enter the town. When they were very close to the end of the line of people Thomas turns around and says "it's time for you two to get off now."

"Alright then thank you for the ride Thomas." Dante said sincerely

"Yeah thanks." Louis said gruffly. As I get off the carriage and stand in the line which is going at snail's pace. Luckily the line is short and in a few minutes he reaches the front of the line he sees a guard that looks particularly prejudiced looking at an old lady with a look of disdain on his face. ' Why does he have that look on his face ' Dante thought baffled at the treatment of the old lady who looked to be in her 60's ' Why will nobody help her ' He screamed in his mind, he was about to go and help her but but before he was able to rush up and help her another man that was at the front of the line started interrupted the guard and started yelling at the guard to stop harassing the old woman. The guards face morphed to anger and he started shouting at the man when another guard started approaching the original guard and stopped him from harassing the civilians. ' At least he stopped harassing the lady ' He sighed in relief. He may not know the woman but it didn't feel good to just stand there and watch as the woman got tormented by the guard. The second guard then leaves again and the line continues forwards. When it's my turn to enter the gates the guard looks at me and starts yelling

"Screw you demon bastard f**k off you don't belong here and we don't want you here!" he screams at me with an anger filled expression..

"What are you screaming at me for I have done nothing to you." I said extremely confused as I just arrived at this word, but it seemed my words fell on deaf ears as he kept on yelling and screaming until the second guard came over and stopped the first guard. "Sorry about him he doesn't like Demons and Elves as he thinks that they are still monsters." He then let Dante through the gates so Dante decided to go on his way. ' That was an interesting experience '

Dante had never experienced this kind of irrational hatred towards him in his past life so it was surprising to say the least. He then put it in the back of his mind and started to explore the Town. While exploring the Town Dante came across a tavern that had a sign with a skull surrounded by lightning with the name the lightning skull. He was curious about the building so he decided to enter. When he did enter he saw that the place was packed with rowdy people, he slowly made his way to an empty table in the back corner of the room he saw a young woman walking up to the table and she said. "What can I get for you today." the waitress asks in a generic retail voice.

"What do you recommend that is cheap and tasty." Dante asks politely.

"Well we have Cottage Pie and some Beef Stew that most people like, We also have some Pale Ale and some Mead." she replies after thinking for a bit.

"Well I'll go with the Pale Ale and the Beef Stew." He decided

"Great, that'll be 45 copper pieces." The waitress said with a beaming smile.

"Here you go." he then handed over the 45 copper pieces and waited for the waitress to come back. A few minutes later the waitress comes back with his food and says. "Is there anything else I can help

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you with."

"Yes can you point me in the direction of this town's guild as I'm new in town and I wanted to join it." He again asks politely. "No problem." She then explains the directions to him. Dante then thanked her and then she left so he decided to eat his meal unexpectedly he gained skills from his meal.

[ Gained ]

Skill [Gourmet Cells] and [Alcohol Tolerance].

' Inspect ' Dante then had the info pop up in his mind.

[Gourmet Cells Lvl 1/10]: Ability to turn fat into energy +5 to Strength, Defence and Dexterity. Additional +5 every level.

[Alcohol Tolerance Lvl 1/10]: Ability to resist intoxication. -10% to the effect of alcohol.

After inspecting the new skills he decided to leave and go to the guild to join. After following the directions of the waitress he arrived in front of the guild he saw a large building. Then he went into the building and saw that it had a few people standing here and there but there was nobody lined up at the counter so he went right up and the lady asked. "What can I help you with today."

"I'd like to join the guild please." He asked.

"No problem, have you ever been in another guild before?" She asked as she grabbed a piece of paper from under her desk. "No I haven't." He replied.

"That's fine I just have to ask." She then hands Dante the piece of paper and tells him to fill it out. After he finishes filling it out he hands it back to her, she then says. "Do you want an explanation of the guilds ranking system?"

"Yes please." He replies

"Well here you go." she hands him another piece of paper and on it are the ranks of the guild.

Rank 1: Platinum

Rank 2: Gold

Rank 3: Silver

Rank 4: Bronze

Rank 5: Ruby

Rank 6: Emerald

Rank 7: Sapphire

Rank 8: Steel

Rank 9: Obsidian

Rank 10: Porcelain

After handing the sheet back she handed him a small card made out of porcelain and said. "This is your identification card, don't lose it or you will have to pay for it to be replaced."

"Thank You.'' Dante said and then left to go see the request board.

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