1 Drained Emotions

It was raining and storming in the coldest night of winter, Maahi was laying on bed sheeted with a pear-flowered cloth with having an old hand-woven greenish blanket. After losing control over her heart, her eyes behaved as an ocean. It was a small house roofed with concrete and some wooden parts over it that supported the ceilings. It was two stories house, had a straight hall where the walls were painted from all sides with pictures of famous minarets worldwide, it possessed 3 rooms downstairs and 2 upstairs and all the rooms were decorated equally accordingly. There was a big window from the lake near the house was seen in every room, one double bed and a wardrobe were dug in the wall for keeping cloths and a showcase in every room showed variety of pots of porcelains beautifully decorated with a dresser beside them. After having recalled the lost memories of that incident that shook her existence to the deep of her soul, she cursed herself for believing in a person who was never hers. How could a person be so mean in order to attain pleasure of lust. Maahi was yelling at her presence in the house of the same person who once disgraced her. She was 5 ft and 2 inches' tall with a moon-like face and big eyes and beautiful brows with a short but beautiful nose and beautiful lips with a blissful smile. She was between skinny and fat. Maahi was raised in an elite family, her father Ashfaque Ali Khan was a reputed man in the city and her mother Shaista too belonged from a high class background. Katty was only child of her parents and she was kept like a princess of a kingdom. Her everything that she demanded was kept in front of her. Maahi's in-depth emotional strength led her to a purer life till her father decided to shift to America where Maahi will continue her career and she will get admission easily because her father was a renowned businessman in Pakistan and his business were tied to USA too.

Maahi was sitting on a couch next to bed, it was a bright sunny day and the sky was all clear,sudden feelings caught her up with tragic silence. She couldn't bear it up with having applied every possible source of her nerves. Simple, the accelerated beats of Maahi's heart rendered her with no other chance but yelling and crying about the past-happenings that drained her energies far away. But, had it not happened with her , how'd she survive the long shattered path of unending sadness. She kept asking herself, how naive she was and what she did for that she was concluded sinner. It was a hot day of July when her meagre efforts dealing with pain were finished. The darkling dolour of sorrows had turned another page of her life, made her firm in deciding decisions alone and had left her with intense silence. Deepening wounds had given her an enormous courage to stand and speak up herself to remind her of stop lying her being. Yes.... her father had decided to pack her to abroad for higher studies but she didn't think it'd happen too soon that she would have to leave her home.

Maahi!!!! Said her father to come down and when she came sat behind an imported TV from America that was very big. Maahi? Asked Ashfaque her father.... where are you? Why ain't you listening to your mummy and I? Is there anything wrong about going abroad soon?

Maahi turned refuscent than pale