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(A/N - Gonna put it straight out there - Akira is gonna join Rias' peerage. Mainly because it's more fun than making a faction for himself and it'll help him come to terms with where he is faster than if he were hold up on his own somewhere. If you don't like the MC being in peerages or Rias, then don't read this story.) After his fight with Ryo, Akira realized one thing: He'd failed. Failed at avenging Miki, failed at saving Humanity...and failed at beating Ryo. The last thing he could remember was laying down next to Ryo, as Ryo spoke about something. They were surrounded by red water and the skies were clear. 'Miki would have loved to see such a clear sky...' was Akira's last thought before everything went dark. But what if...Akira found himself in a new world after everything went black? A world with Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels? Gods, Dragons, and Humans who are the Descendants of Heroes? Would the power of the strongest Demon be enough? And would Akira still fight for what he believes in, even after his defeat to Ryo? (A/N - Should be safe to assume that I don't own the cover photo or any of the anime/anime characters I use for this story.)


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