1 Enter: Tobi Wolfgang

In the human city capital Aerosmith, a mother is about to give birth to their first child. The baby's birth was very sudden. He was a few days early then predicted but the birth went without a single problem. It was only till after the birth when from inside hospital walls you hear not a crying baby boy but a blood curdling scream from the mother. "A DEMON!!!" She screamed before grabbing the nearest sharp object and going to stab the child. At the last second was stopped by doctors and her husband only getting a small cut across his eyebrow making the baby start to cry out in pain. 

The mother kept kicking and screaming about how they needed to kill the baby. "It'll be the end of all of us!" She continued to scream as the baby was taken away by doctors. Eventually they realized why the mother was screaming. The baby may have been born one hundred percent human but it had a few distinct features that shook the doctors to their very core. They informed the father of this. He let out a sigh before explaining what they plan to do. "Since it was clear that the mother is not going to accept him. It's probably best that we send him away. Staying here won't do any good." He then took the baby from the doctors before taking the baby home and had it placed in a pod to be sent away. 

He didn't know exactly where to send him and even thought of just dumping him somewhere. Then he got this look from the baby while it was in the pod. "Those eyes of yours are quite unsettling." They were blood red, it felt like they could see right through his soul. I cold chill ran down his spine as he looked deeper into the eyes of the baby. "You may be my kin but you are better off with people that look like you. Your mother may never understand it but hopefully they will. Goodbye my son." He then called for him to be sent off. 

Meanwhile inside the castle in the demon capital Claymore, another family is having child problems. The emperor and empress have just been informed again that they will not be able to have an heir. They've tried multiple times to no success to conceive a child. All of it vain. "I don't know what to do anymore Finn?" The emperor took this the hardest and had given up long ago. But the empress wasn't easily swayed. Through tears she would suggest anything "We could adopt, it's our only option we have Finn." Lost in thought he didn't even acknowledge her suggestion before he stood up "I completely agree with you Mara. But the public won't accept a prince let alone a emperor that is not of the royal bloodline." They both sat there in their room in silence before a knock at their door broke the silence.

"Your majesties, I'm sorry to interrupt you in your quarters but a very pressing matter has come in" They both got a tense look on their face before following the guard down to the throne room. There was a white pod in the shape of an egg. Guards surround the pod with swords drawn. "Stand down" The emperor and empress approached the pod and it opened to reveal a crying baby with tanned skin, haunting blood red eyes with icy white hair. Mara had this entranced look as she locked eyes with the baby. She then picks it up out of the pod "It's human, we await your orders, your majesty." As he watched Mara play with the baby he saw how happy she was along with the baby's happy laughter. 

Finn then looked back to the guards with a fierce glare and addressed them "This new arrival is not to leave these walls. From now on this child will be in our care as our son." These words rang true for Mara looked even happier hearing this. "The public will be informed that Mara has given birth to a baby boy." Without hesitation the guards did as was told before dispersing through the palace. "This truly is a momentous accusation Finn, and just when things were at their lowest." Mara wiped the blood from the scar on his eyebrow. "Now what you need is a name. What do you think about being the Finn the second?" The baby started to frown at hearing his suggestion. Finn had an awkward and disappointed look before awkwardly laughing at that response. "I already decided on his name, his name is Tobi." Mara's name made him smile and giggle. "Tobi huh, that's absolutely perfect. Welcome to your new family Tobi Wolfgang.