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"welcome to the HELL baby" Aaric said emphasizing the word hell, and pushed her hard into the house, on the cold floor. "Why did you push me and what you want to say?" Maahi asked, still not able to understand what is happening here. "This is nothing, just a little revenge of mine" He held her hair tight in his grip. "W-why?" Tears roll down her eyes, as she asked stammering. "Because your dad made a big mistake!" He slapped her hard. The slap made a cut on her lips, and blood came out from that cut. He slapped her again, and this time, the print of his fingers were printed on her white, soft cheek. He pushed her again, and started beating her. He brought one stick from his room and hit her with that stick. After more than 10 minutes he stopped, when he saw that she was not able to bear it more. Her eyes were puffy and swallow due to continues hit, her nose and lips were bleeding very badly, her cheeks had very bad marks of his fingers, her both hands had only print of the stick, her head had a red and purple marks of stick, she was all messy, the sleeves of her pink dress were torn. Soon darkness took over her and she became unconscious. He laughed hard and went from there.... . . . *************************** The thing was, They both did love marriage, and her love marriage turned into hell. She went against her parents for him, but who knew that her this stubbornness will change her life. She thought that she is going to enter in heaven, but she got hell. For Aaric, she was only living thing from which he can take his revenge. He used her as his punching bag. Whenever he got angry he beat her up like she is his punching bag. she loves him and wants to change him but he only wants to take revenge. she has a faith on her love that she will change him and he has a faith on his hatred that he will make her life hell.


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